Other introductions

Essays on caring


  • Tradeoffs - How can we balance our own needs with the needs of others? (5 mins.)
  • Famine, affluence, and morality (15 mins.) Note that many people in effective altruism disagree about exactly how demanding these ideas are.
  • Sustainable motivation - How can we stay motivated when facing massive problems (24 min talk)

Thinking carefully

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This link is the top link on google and should redirect to the handbook home page. Adding an extra click is confusing and probably loses people.  https://www.effectivealtruism.org/handbook

It's pretty daunting for me to, to start a handbook with a load of other things I might read instead.

Is this the first article in the handbook? It says it is but then there are previous ones?

I think there's currently a bug with sequences - we're aware and someone's looking into a fix.

My favorite from this list of those I've read  is The value of a life - Minding Our  Way (15 mins) by Nate Soares.

When I first read it years ago it helped me grok the idea that the value I place on a life is so much greater than the price I can save lives at. In other words, the consumer surplus, or philanthropist's surplus or altruist's surplus, if you will, is tremendous.