Nicholas Beckstead (born 1985) is an American philosopher and the Chief Executive Officer of the FTX Foundation.


Beckstead majored in mathematics and philosophy at the University of Minnesota and obtained a PhD in philosophy from Rutgers University. As a graduate student, he co-founded the first US chapter of Giving What We Can, pledging to donate half of his post-tax income until his retirement to the most cost-effective organizations fighting global poverty in the developing world.[1][2]

After completing his studies, Beckstead became a Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute and then a Program Officer for Open Philanthropy, where he oversaw much of that organization's research and grantmaking related to global catastrophic risk reduction. He joined the FTX Foundation in November 2021.[3]


Beckstead's research focuses on topics related to the long-term future and its normative implications, including existential risk,[4][5] population ethics,[6] space colonization,[7] and differential progress.[8] His doctoral dissertation, which combines some of these interests, is often credited as an important early contribution to longtermism.[9]


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