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EA Communication Project Ideas

These are all great suggestions! ❤️

I'd add that even for those who aren't willing/able to put the time into working on projects like these, there's still so much you can do by merely talking about EA and bringing it up slightly more often in casual conversations. Word of mouth is far more powerful than people give it credit for, so simply talking about EA and why it matters to you could be a huge force for good!

What gives me hope

Thank you for writing this, Michelle. It's so inspiring to see.

I agree with your sentiment that EA can be a demanding, onerous philosophy at times. It's really heartening to hear that there are so many people who join the movement despite its demandingness. 

In my eyes, EA is such a tremendous opportunity - a genuine gift - that I've stopped thinking of it over the past year as something that we ought to do, but as something we get to do. 

I'd be curious to hear if you feel similarly!

I definitely feel lucky to be at such a fortunate time in history when absolute poverty is so much lower than it has been over the millennia past, and when we have the chance for so much less suffering and more happiness than ever before. I also really appreciate being part of the EA community. This year's isolation has really brought home to me how much it means to me to be surrounded every day by kind people working for the same goal. 

I'm less sure of the specific framing of 'EA as an opportunity', because  so much of EA is about preventing suf... (read more)

Where are you donating in 2020 and why?

This is my first time commenting/interacting in writing on a forum post! 🎉

This year, I donated my 10% (as per GWWC) in an even three-way split between AMF, Malaria Consortium, and GiveWell's Maximum Impact Fund.

I did it through Giving Tuesday, and I practiced on the simulator a bunch and was able to call my credit card company to make sure they were aware of the charges, so the timestamp on my donation for all charges read "8:00am" ET. I'm optimistic it got matched, though of course I can't know for sure! 🤞

I wasn't planning on donating to GiveWell's fund, but then I saw the name "Maximum Impact Fund" and couldn't resist! It was SO well named! Whoever picked that name deserves a raise!