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This seems to be an issue on mailchimp's end, not ours – their servers have been having outages all morning. I recommend trying again in a bit. 

We're working on it! The logistics of setting up print subscriptions in a way that syncs with our printer turned out to be pretty complicated and we didn't want to delay the launch further, but the store should be live in a couple of days. 

The web store should be live in a couple of days. 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I'll talk to my web developer right away. 

I have a PDF of the print version I'm happy to send to you – if there's a lot of demand, I'll put it up on the website. 

Asterisk is a new quarterly magazine/journal of ideas from in and around the EA community. For more about who we are and what we do, check out our forum post.  We're hiring for the following roles – you can apply for any of them except Managing Editor here

  • Managing Editor: Our first full-time hire. You can learn more about the role and apply via CEA.
  • Copy Editor(s):  We're looking for reliable, highly detail-oriented candidates with copy editing experience (work on a student publication is fine). This is a great position for people who want a flexible time commitment – involvement would range from a couple hours a week to between 10 and 30 hours in the weeks leading up to publication.
  • Fact Checker(s): Our ideal candidate for this role either has experience as a professional fact-checker or generalist researcher, or else has subject matter expertise in an area we want to cover in depth (AI, biosecurity, global health and development, etc.).  Time commitment is flexible.
  • Web/UX Developer: We're looking for a developer with design and UX experience who can work with our design team to help build the site. We anticipate this role taking approximately three months of part-time work, plus further availability on a consulting basis to help troubleshoot problems and implement new features. An ideal candidate would have experience in the following areas:
    • back end development with an eye for setting up a structure that can grow over time
    • front end development working with flat schematic architecture and templates, collaborating and refining for usability
    • design consultation/partnership on UX/UI
    • embedding and programming interactive graphics, set up templates for future graphics
    • design consultation on best practices for accessibility

We're still working on the design/identity development process, but watch this space. 

Perhaps I should have been clearer in my initial post – Asterisk is a popular magazine, not a scientific journal. I'll be selecting pieces, with consultation from coworkers and subject matter experts in situations where that's appropriate. 

This is something I've been thinking a lot about, and I've consulted several people working in biosecurity at different organizations. I (edit: currently) think it's quite plausible to thread the needle of discussing what natural pandemics it's important to prepare for without giving actionable ideas to bad actors, but I agree it's something that would have to be treated with caution. 

We're taking pitches! 

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