PhD Candidate, Mentor at EA Sheffield
Pursuing a doctoral degree (e.g. PhD)
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Ex organiser (3 yrs 3months) of Effective Altruism Sheffield (University Group).

Combination of education and professional experience has developed my expertise in scientific & technical writing, policy research, and provided insight into mechansims of governance in the civil sector. 

I will continue to gain experience collaborating with stakeholders in business, civil institutions, and local communities. Key to reducing poverty and inequality while also attaining a sustainable quality of life which spares the environment will be implementing green development pathways in developing countries. If sub-saharan Africa follows the same industrialisation pathway as the west, excessive global warming will push us over various tipping points within the century, bringing us closer to catastrophic scenarios. Although this is unlikely to threaten us with extinction, it will severely dampen efforts towards moral circle expansion, and efforts to build inclusive, global, and long-termist institutions to protect us against even more dangerous risks such as misaligned AI and bio-weapons. I also think we need to do considerable work in harmonizing moral preferences (correlating with institutional and cultural traits) so as to mitigate risks associated with AI alignment and lock-in of limited moral frameworks. I think this will be best addressed by institutions developed in a more equal and unified globe, increasing the importance of addressing challenges to economic development such as Climate Change.

How others can help me

Work in innovative groups developing effective, novel or radical solutions to curbing anthropogenic forcing (technical and behavioural interventions).

Opportunities to work in pushing for economically and environmentally sustainable industrialisation pathways in rapidly developing countries. 

How I can help others

Questions about succession management in university groups, developing and running events, socials, and ensuring inclusivity. How to run reading groups. How to run podcast discussion groups. Anything to do with groups really. My views probably most relevant and useful for Russel Group university group (in UK) organisers. 

Advice on high potential research opportunties in the world of perovskite materials in terms of both individual development as a researcher and expected impact. 

Thoughts on maintaining epistemic humility.


Do Protests Actually Work?

Hi Wim, we weren't planning on recording the session and haven't prepared for virtual access. If you're interested in attending our events virtually however we'll see what we can arrange in the future!