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MSc in Risk and Disaster Science? (UCL) - Does this fit the EA path?

At first glance, this strikes me as a very exciting opportunity!

I think it's difficult to find a degree that is more relevant to the EA community than this is. That said, there are degrees that are more relevant for specific cause areas. For example, an Msc. in Computer Science will probably prepare you better for work on direct AI alignment than this degree would.

I would advise you to think about what cause areas you could become excited to pursue, and how this degree will help you do so. I imagine it would be a great fit for quite a few!

Movement Building: Charity Elections for High Schoolers

Is the offer available for non-English speaking countries?

There's a Danish program for talented youths that would likely be interested in this if I shared it with them.

[Link] 80,000 Hours Nov 2020 annual review

I think its perfectly fine for EA orgs to be in competition for talent, if anything it's a good thing.

It should not be 80k's job to decide the counterfactuals from poaching great people from other organizations. That should be solely the job of the people they poach.

Presumably the people they hire do a thorough evaluation of the harm they'll cause by leaving their former organization and the good they'll do by joining a new one. If the calculation doesn't look net positive they are not going to do it.

Is capitalism the root of all evil?

I think we should be open to the idea that our current societal structures are far from perfect. It's a good habit to question the premises of our society that are typically taken for granted.

I think you can make a case for it if you truly think capitalism is the root of all evil. I stubbed my toe earlier today and I must admit I'm not sure how to pin that on capitalism. Capitalism certainly is the root of some evil, but I think it's a stretch to say it's the root of all evil.

CEA’s Community Building Grants are becoming more targeted; the EA Infrastructure Fund will start evaluating grants for some EA groups

Prioritizing top universities makes perfect sense to me. I would argue we should consider directly working to establish EA communities at highly ranked universities that currently have none.

The choice of countries and cities makes much less sense to me.

My guess would be that the success of a given EA community is highly dependent on founder effects. The groups doing very well already have capable people with a keen sense on how to grow their community. If they didn't they wouldn't have gotten big in the first place.

Why focus most of your time on these communities? It seems to me their organizers are perfectly capable and will do just fine as long as they are provided adequate funding.

Wouldn't it make more sense to be spending your time helping smaller communities grow? Cities that immediately spring to mind are:

1. Seattle
2. Austin
3. Warsaw
4. Moscow
5. Copenhagen

They are all populous cities with highly educated populations. I don't have any a priori reason to believe that Austin and Warsaw has much less 'ea-potential' than Stockholm and Prague. It seems to me that many places have potential to grow as big as the communities you're focusing on, but for some reason have not.

Shouldn't it be higher among CEA's priorities to figure out how to help communities like these?

Trying to assess the effectiveness of COVID-19 charities in India

Thanks for your post! I've been worried about missing the opportunity to help but didn't have the time to evaluate which charity to support. Based on your post I donated to GiveIndia. I hope we as a community can look back on this and be proud we acted decisively and fast.

What are your questions for World Malaria Day with Rob Mather (AMF), Maddy Marasciulo (Malaria Consortium), and Alekos Simoni (Target Malaria)?

The new oxford malaria vaccine is looking very promising!

It seems to me that we should be able to produce a cost-effectiveness analysis and have a plan prepared for how to distribute the vaccine if it is approved and cost effective, but I'm struggling to find anything like this.

What would be your response to a new vaccine that is effective and cheap to distribute?

Deference for Bayesians

What makes you believe the market for labor isn't monopsonistic?

To me it seems pretty plausible that the labor market is full of minor monopsonies. For example I prefer to work at a store closer rather than farther away from me which would give the local store some market power on my labor.

Or maybe I prefer to work at the only coffee place in my town as opposed to the only tea place due to my interest coffee.

MathiasKirkBonde's Shortform

I really really (and I cannot emphasize this enough) really dislike writing applications. It gives me a feeling of despair and inadequacy about my career and life choices. Due to this I write much fewer applications than I should be, and spend too much time and energy on the few I do send.

I generally feel confident about myself but writing applications for some reason really messes me up.

Has anyone here dealt with anxiety when writing applications? If so, how did you overcome it?

Some EA Forum Posts I'd like to write

This is such a great idea!

I have a laundry list of blog posts I'd like to write as well and I imagine many others do too. Would it maybe make sense to make a monthly mega thread where people can share their blog post ideas?

Wrt. to your ideas, I would be super excited to read "How to get good at forecasting"!

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