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In the UK at least, they are especially desperate for donors who are male and/or from an ethnic minority background


Seconding Strong Female Protagonist, and noting that it is also available as a printed graphic novel for those who prefer to read offline

Oh for sure, and I gladly donated.

I just didn't want this to turn into a whole conversation about effectiveness, but rather the power of stories

Someone accidentally donated $15,000 instead of $150 to their neighbour's charity in Bangladesh. Before they could get a refund they were inundated with pictures and videos from the grateful recipients.

In addition to then donating $1,500 rather than the $150 as originally planned, they also told the story of their blunder on reddit, which went viral and caused ~3000 people to donate ~$100,000

Warm fuzzies galore

Looking forward to this!

While I do like spacing things out, 1 month between posts seems like a long time to me

Thanks for sharing! This is exactly the kind of thing I'd love to see more of on the forum

You mentioned starting ADHD meds? I'd be very interested in reading about the process leading up to that, if you feel like sharing

Do you have a view on using LLMs as therapists as suggested here?

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