I am not an expert at all on UK politics, I welcome discussion in the comments on impactful ways to get involved

The election to elect all members of Parliament, (and ultimately the Government and Prime Minister) has been set for 4th July

If you want to vote, you can check if you are eligible to vote and register to vote. You can also apply for a free ID

The deadline for registering to vote is 18th June

I personally recommend applying for a postal vote, then there's no stress of going to your polling station on the day and queueing up

If you want to get more involved, the Election Tech Handbook has a whole bunch of projects with paid and volunteer opportunities ranging from polling to predictions to policy to voting strategy.

Newspeak House in London is also running a hackspace every day until the election to work on election projects of any kind. There's a meetup and hackspace launch event on Wednesday 29th May




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