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Swapcard tips:

  1. The mobile browser is more reliable than the app

You can use Firefox/Safari/Chrome etc. on your phone, go to and use that instead of downloading the Swapcard app from your app store. As far as I know, the only thing the app has that the mobile site does not, is the QR code that you need when signing in when you first get to the venue and pick up your badge

  1. Only what you put in the 'Biography' section in the 'About Me' section of your profile is searchable when searching in Swapcard

The other fields, like 'How can I help others' and 'How can others help me' appear when you view someone's profile, but will not be used when searching using Swapcard search. This is another reason to use the Swapcard Attendee Google sheet that is linked-to in Swapcard to search

  1. You can use a (local!) LLM to find people to connect with

People might not want their data uploaded to a commercial large language model, but if you can run an open-source LLM locally, you can upload the Attendee Google sheet and use it to help you find useful contacts

Someone accidentally donated $15,000 instead of $150 to their neighbour's charity in Bangladesh. Before they could get a refund they were inundated with pictures and videos from the grateful recipients.

In addition to then donating $1,500 rather than the $150 as originally planned, they also told the story of their blunder on reddit, which went viral and caused ~3000 people to donate ~$100,000

Warm fuzzies galore

Not necessarily just warm fuzzies. Bangladesh is one of the places where hunger is still prevalent.

Oh for sure, and I gladly donated.

I just didn't want this to turn into a whole conversation about effectiveness, but rather the power of stories

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