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It's a nice place, and we Mexicans are glad that others can come and enjoy the city. However, in Condesa and Haab, there are now several problems with the inclusion of local people. We locals would like to have the opportunity to work with international EAs in a place where discrimination couldn't be a problem, and where we don't have negative perceptions due to the current view in Mexico about places like Haab. The city is huge and there are other spaces, maybe not as beautiful but excellent, where locals could feel welcome.

I would like to have some answers about the concerns that several local members, including myself, have expressed about this place, including cost, optics, etc. Additionally, in November, we were advised not to go to this space because there was not enough room. Has this changed in any way? I am very concerned that what could be the main EA Align workspace in Mexico does not represent what those of us working here are looking for. But perhaps my bias is large, and I am not understanding what should be prioritized in opening this space. I have detailed my questions more thoroughly in this inquiry. 

Thank you for bringing up the issue with the survey data. I'll review it to determine if it's a translation or interpretation problem.

Regarding your criticisms of the program, I'm surprised because much of this information was shared with participants during the program, and some of it is also explained in this same post. The reason for canceling all planned community activities in CDMX was due to the cancellation of all effective altruism outreach activities in much of the world because of the FTX scandal. This was completely beyond the team's control, and it's explained in the post. Since the outreach activities were canceled, we opened the option to conduct activities within the fellowship to improve them, and we had several volunteers.

However, the program's objective was never solely focused on the Mexican community. It was designed to strengthen the relationship between the Latin American and international communities. This information was provided in the application, and fortunately, this did happen with valuable connections, especially for individuals from mid and low-income countries who couldn't easily make these connections elsewhere.

Regarding vegan food, it was also explained during the program that some participants requested other options, and we accommodated them because we didn't want to force a specific diet on people who didn't prefer it. I want to emphasize that there were always vegan options available for those who preferred them. 

As for the improvements, I agree that communication from the organizing team could have been better, but I believe it's also the responsibility of participants to read the provided information or ask the organizers for clarification.

An yes, it was an expensive program, and we made the cost public to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of similar initiatives in the future and to compare with them. However, comparing it to using the money to pay for full-time jobs doesn't seem fair. At the time we received the grant and paid the contractors, it wasn't a choice between one or the other; funding was available for both. In fact, several individuals involved in effective altruism had grants at that time.

Hello Mati. Yes, the program is family-friendlyin but the accommodation is a hotel with austere rooms (as in the photo of the post). You can send an email to so that they can give you more exact information on the type of accommodation options and if it adapts to the specific needs of your family.

Yes Alfredo,  thanks for noticing. I already changed it in the post. 

Hi Alex, one of the goals of the fellowship is to give the opportunity to EAs in Mexico and LATAm to be in contact with the international community, so we are keeping in mind that English will be used commonly in the activities. 

Also, as Pablo mentions in another comment, in the Spanish speakers' community we often have conversations in English, and the majority of the members are comfortable with both. So Non-Spanish speakers are completely welcome and, we will offer Spanish lessons for people interested in learning.

Mexico EA Fellowship is an initiative sponsored by the FTX Future Fund Regranting Program. Information added to the post :)