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Hello Mati. Yes, the program is family-friendlyin but the accommodation is a hotel with austere rooms (as in the photo of the post). You can send an email to so that they can give you more exact information on the type of accommodation options and if it adapts to the specific needs of your family.

Yes Alfredo,  thanks for noticing. I already changed it in the post. 

Hi Alex, one of the goals of the fellowship is to give the opportunity to EAs in Mexico and LATAm to be in contact with the international community, so we are keeping in mind that English will be used commonly in the activities. 

Also, as Pablo mentions in another comment, in the Spanish speakers' community we often have conversations in English, and the majority of the members are comfortable with both. So Non-Spanish speakers are completely welcome and, we will offer Spanish lessons for people interested in learning.

Mexico EA Fellowship is an initiative sponsored by the FTX Future Fund Regranting Program. Information added to the post :)