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    This is sideways to the main point in the post, but I'm interested in a ticket type that's just "Swapcard / unsupported virtual attendee" where accepted people just get access to Swapcard, which lets them schedule 1-1 online videoconferencing, and that's it.

    I find a lot of the value of EAG is in 1-1s, and I'd hope that this would be an option where virtual attendees can get potentially lots of networking value for very little cost.

    (Asking because I don't want to pay a lot of money to attend an EAG where I'd mostly be taking on a mentor role, but I would potentially be happy to do some online 1-1s with people during a Schelling time.)

    Update: Just learned about EAGxVirtual, which seems very relevant!

    "For those applying for grants, asking for less money might make you more likely to be funded" 

    My guess is that it's good to still apply for lots of money, and then you just may not be funded the full amount? And one can say what one would do with more or less money granted, so that the grantmakers can take that into account in their decision.

    I didn't give a disagreement vote, but I do disagree on being the "single most useful link to give anyone who wants to join the effort of AI Safety research", just because there's a lot of different resources out there and I think "most useful" depends on the audience. I do think it's a useful link, but most useful is a hard bar to meet!

    Not directly relevant to the OP, but another post covering research taste: An Opinionated Guide to ML Research (also see Rohin Shah's advice about PhD programs (search "Q. What skills will I learn from a PhD?") for some commentary.

    Two authors gave me permission to publish their transcripts non-anonymously! Thus:

    - Interview with Michael L. Littman

    - Interview with David Duvenaud

    Whoops, forgot I was the owner. I tried moving those files to the drive folder, but also had trouble with it? So I'm happy to have them copied instead. 

    Thanks plex, this sounds great!

    Update: Michael Keenan reports it is now fixed!

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