Prioritizing among the Sustainable Development Goals

by evelynciara 1 min read7th Feb 202012 comments


Back in 2017, Scott, Leitner, and Hynes of New America and the OECD asked 85 experts what they believed were the most important Sustainable Development Goal targets. The top 20 picks were:

  1. Promote rule of law and access to justice (8.9)
  2. Eliminate the most extreme poverty (8.4)
  3. Ensure access to safe, effective and affordable health care, medicine and vaccines (6.6)
  4. Ensure women’s rights to economic opportunity, property ownership and inheritance (6.5)
  5. Ensure government accountability and transparency (6.5)
  6. Ensure all children graduate from primary and secondary schools (5.6)
  7. End discrimination against women and girls (5.3)
  8. Expand access to safe drinking water (5.3)
  9. Promote social, economic and political inclusion (5.2)
  10. End corruption and bribery (4.9)
  11. Expand access to affordable, reliable, modern energy (4.6)
  12. End preventable deaths of infants and children under 5 years of age (4.3)
  13. Ensure literacy and numeracy for youth and adults (4.2)
  14. Ensure equal opportunity in economic and public life (4.2)
  15. Ensure equal access to legal rights, economic rights and natural resources (4.0)
  16. Reduce all poverty by half (4.0)
  17. End violence against women and girls (3.9)
  18. Ensure safe, accessible sanitation and hygiene (3.8)
  19. End human trafficking, harsh labor, forced marriage and genital mutilation (3.6)
  20. Improve domestic capacity for tax and revenue collection (3.6)

You can see the full ranking of targets and the recoupled ranking of SDGs on the SDGs in Order website.