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Quick post because I am starting to think about it and want to promote the practice.

Looking for a way to review your year and plan for the next?

This is an annual review/planner template that I made in google sheets.

It incorporates questions from Alex Vermeer, a few of my own, and some additional sheets to add goals and plans for the future.

It's also prioritised so that you can choose how many questions you want it to be.

Please feel free to copy, share and modify it.


Other resources

https://alexvermeer.com/8760hours/ - the original material that I developed my spreadsheet from

Example of someone else's process Annual Reviews Aren't Just for Organizations - Kyel Fish

Lots of New Year Review Resources - Lynette Bye




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Thanks for putting it together! I'll give this a go in the next few weeks :-)

In the past I've enjoyed doing the YearCompass.

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