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Tl;dr: Voting for the EA Forum Decade Review ends in 8 days! Look at the 145 nominated & reviewed posts and vote on the ones that have been most valuable to you. 

Voting for the Decade Review ends on February 1st. That’s 8 days away! I encourage you to look at the list of reviewed posts and to vote on them. 

If you’ve already been voting on the posts, reading reviews might change your assessment of some posts, and you could consider updating your vote one way or another. You can also still review eligible posts, although new reviews won’t qualify any posts not already nominated.

EA Forum users reviewed 145 posts in the previous stage of the process, making them eligible for the Final Voting phase of the Decade Review. These posts span a bunch of different topics, including ballot initiatives, altruistic motivations, nuclear winter, and so much more.

Now’s the time to explore which of these posts have provided the most value (and how they’ve done that), suggest ways to follow up and improve on them, and help us collectively develop better models of what makes an excellent post.

I’ve personally found reading reviews worthwhile. It’s hard to sort through the forest of posts that exist on the Forum, so this is a great way to discover excellent posts that I had never encountered before. Like others, I also rediscovered some wonderful posts I’d forgotten about. And several reviews have helped me see posts in a new light.

After the review ends on February 1st

As we described earlier, top posts will later get featured, collected in a sequence, and added to our list of core readings. We’ll also hand out prizes! We’ll distribute up to $15,000 to authors of the top posts, people who edit their reviewed posts during this process, and to users who leave the best reviews (there’s still time!). 




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If you notice your options showing up as having less than 1, 4, and 9, that's because you've spent more than 500 points, and have now reached the quadratic part of the voting system. My very rough summary:

  • You have 500 votes to spend
  • 1 votes cost 1, 4 votes cost 10, 9 votes cost 45
  • If you go over 500, your vote strength gets reduced proportionally in a way that lets you keep voting like you were before, just with reduced strength

Most users don't have to worry about this, only a few have gone over 500.

This is important information that seems different than how the quadratic voting was originally presented.

Maybe make this information more prominent as an announcement? 

Many people will be happy to "exhaust" their 500 votes.

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