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(quickly written: a short meditation on hope and resilience, that others might find helpful in emotionally navigating the ftx crisis. i love my friends in the EA community, and i hope this little amateur writing offers some serenity. i find myself occasionally seeking comfort in the writings of other EAs, feels right to pay it forward; seeing as posts like this might be helpful, i decided to just share it)


Equanimity :


mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation. 

there’s loss, there’s grief, there’s sorrow.

there’s anger, there’s confusion, there’s pain.

possibly less from what has transpired,

but more from the potential of all that could have been.

of financial loss, distrust, distraught.

of jeopardised plans, career uncertainties, 

scrapped proposals and projects.

it will take time for us to heal. 


please, have a good cry

it hurts, it’s hard — but it’s never the end.

we are tested — we bend, but do not break.

take time —  reclaim sanity, regain clarity.

we will bounce back wiser, clearer, stronger as a community.

open yourself up to hope, as there is life —

there lies life.


hope where it's hardest is hope at its greatest.

"we are not drowning, we are fighting." 

our collective dreams (of a thoughtful community) are worth fighting for.

beyond resilience — embrace antifragility.

this too, shall pass.

we fail, we learn, we grow.

we’ll grow.





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Thanks, I appreciate this and bet some others will too.