The Centre for Effective Altruism is publishing a new feature on an EA Involvement Guide. Hosted under the "Get Involved" tab of the website, this guide exists to help people locate and learn about the many, diffuse resources the community has to offer and decide which opportunities are best suited to them.

You can check out the guide here:

To help users sort through the many activities suggested there, we’ve tagged each activity with some decision-relevant specifications: 

1. Time commitment (hours, part-time, full-time)

2. Duration (short-term, medium-term, long-term)

3. Familiarity with EA (new, familiar, regular)

4. Occupation (student, professional, retiree, group) 

Eventually we intend to include a filter-by-specification function so people can narrow the list at the outset, rather than needing to click through each activity's description. Since we won't have the capacity to add that functionality until we've hired another full stack developer (apply here), we decided to launch this feature now.

If you have other thoughts on how to improve the guide, please leave comments below or use the chat function in the bottom right corner of the Get Involved page.




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"As English increasingly becomes the universal language.." This seems needlessly likely to give offense.

Thanks for the comment. It wasn't very necessary there, so even though it seems fairly innocuous to me given its frequency of use I decided to nix it.

I disagree, and a quick Google for "english universal language" seems to suggest the phrase is in common use... What would you suggest instead?

Thanks for this! It's very useful to have such a detailed list, and on the website too. There's also a post from a few years ago with ideas on how to get involved, perhaps more useful to existing EAs:

Appreciate you posting! I actually drew inspiration from that for the Involvement Guide, but if you think I missed something I'd be more than happy to hear it.

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