19th – 21st April 2022

This year's conference will take a hybrid format with on-line participation open to anyone, including access to all panels, lectures, and lightning talks. We will have lots of online discussion and participation on Discord. Register here: https://www.cccr2022.com/

This is the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk's (CSER) fourth conference for scholars and policymakers working to understand and mitigate the greatest risks facing humanity. This year's conference will focus on three themes: Future Risks, and how we can study them; Real Catastrophes, and what we can learn from them; and Global Solutions, and how we can achieve them. 

The conference will feature presentations by:

  • Tina Park (Partnership on AI)
  • Joachim Isacsson (Ministry of Defence: Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre)
  • Robin Gorna (Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria)
  • Bryan Walsh (Vox)
  • Jenty Kirsch-Wood (UNDRR)
  • Oliver Letwin (Former UK Government Minister, KCL Project for Peaceful Competition)

Plus a programme of lectures, panels, workshops, and lightning talks, including in-depth presentation of the methods and findings from CSER's multi-year interdisciplinary project A Science of Global Risk.

Register here: https://www.cccr2022.com/ 




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Is it open only for online participation? Or is there anyway to attend it in-person?

Online participation is open. Its a hybrid format so some people will be there in person - but we're at in-person capacity.

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