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From the Marginal Mennonite Society Facebook group


By Jackson Wagner


I found this Facebook group "Effective Altruism Memes with Post-Darwinian Themes".

These aren't entirely EA-related, but I also found this subreddit with memes related to transhumanism.

I'm very pleased w the meme on pleasure

Epistemic status: I re-made this meme to correct a typo and I made another typo. This is probably 'cause (Source: Måneskin) I'm Italiano  

Here are two comics about utilitarianism.

Happy by SMBC
Fate of Humanity by Merryweather Comics

C'mon, SMBC is hors-concours

C'mon, my "Shades of Grey" meme couldn't make it?

I wanted you to spread your own wings and post it here yourself [heart emoji]

awwwww thanks, bro. I hope this one flies high, just for you [heart eyes emoji]

Context: this was a reply to Gaensbauer saying EA has many "shades of grey"


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