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Due to a trademark infringement claim, we are renaming the Effective Altruism Meta Fund to the Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund. The fund committee decided on this new name after brainstorming and consultation with other grantmakers and Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) staff. The Fund’s scope and activities will not be affected by the name change.

About the EA Infrastructure Fund

  • The EA Infrastructure Fund recommends grants that aim to improve the work of projects that use the principles of effective altruism, by increasing their access to talent, capital, and knowledge.
  • The EA Infrastructure Fund is part of CEA’s EA Funds project, and is currently managed by Luke Ding (chair), Alex Foster, Denise Melchin, Matt Wage, Peter McIntyre, and Nick Beckstead (advisor). 
  • The Fund’s payout reports are available here.

About EA Funds

  • EA Funds helps donors give more effectively through philanthropic funds managed by experts.
  • I (Jonas) joined CEA as Head of EA Funds in June. I am exploring various strategic options for EA Funds, such as engaging in more active grantmaking, i.e., seeking out potential grantees proactively (in addition to granting to people who apply for funding).
  • EA Funds may be spun out of CEA’s core management structure in 6–12 months. Similar to 80,000 Hours, EA Funds would remain part of the same legal entity as CEA, continue to be accountable to CEA’s board, and be supported by CEA’s operations team.




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I like the new name; solid choice.

I agree! I think people will like the idea of donating to help build infrastructure for the growth of EA, rather than just donating to "meta".

Out of interest, who has the trademark? I googled the term and just got you guys.

Thanks. I can see why they would be concerned!

Okay, I suppose that's vaguely legit. They are in broadly the same space. And also the new name is definitely better.

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