Hi all!

Together with Jack Hancock from Humane Hancock we made a video on how to help farmed animals without going fully vegan.

We explore three main ways: Through your diet (cutting/reducing fish/chicken/eggs), your money (donating to effective animal organisation) and your career /free time (mentioning 80,000 Hours and Animal Advocacy Careers).

Feel free to give us any feedback in the comments here or on YouTube. I'm also curious to hear: did you learn any new things? Has it changed/updated your mind on anything?

If you liked the video, I would encourage you to share it with your friends (especially those who aren't in the effective altruist movement). You're also welcome to use it for any EA events you're hosting! In case you do, let us know how it went!

More on A Happier World in this earlier EA forum post.

Thanks to Gage Weston and Sarah Emminghaus for their help with the script.

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Great post, Jeroen! This seems like a really accessible and pragmatic approach to take-somewhat in line with Tobias Leenaert's How to Create A Vegan World.