Applying EA Measures to Peacebuilding and Violent Conflict


Hey folks,

As an effective altruist-minded founder, I've been working to find ways to bring EA values and measures into a space that is relatively behind in terms of scientific rigor: Peacebuilding.  I recently wrote an op-ed outline the scope, neglectedness, and potential for innovation in the field, which you can find on the World Economic Forum website.  That's a great primer for the discussion, which I'll avoid regurgitating here.

However, I am not convinced it is enough.  I believe a deeper analysis of the problem and solution spaces is deeply needed, and I'd love to bring together some of your great analytical minds to examine the space from an explicitly EA perspective.  This includes sizing up the problem in contrast to other issues, and evaluating the potential for impact based on approaches and various parameters.  We could develop some white papers to share here and beyond.

If this interests you, please feel free to comment below or get in touch with me directly.

Here's a snapshot of the size of the issue, along with its neglectedness, in economic terms: