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I’m Anita, an MSc Social Cognition student at UCL. 

I’m writing my dissertation  on the extreme risk studies community. I’m currently running this short survey and would be super grateful if anyone working on these issues has time to take part! 

I'm hoping to understand what might encourage people to engage with extreme risks and careers in this field, and what this means for the broader epistemic communities being built around them. This study is also part of a broader project I'm working on as a Visiting Student at Edinburgh that explores these questions further. 

Who’s this survey for?

Anyone over 18 currently working on or studying extreme risks, such as: 

  • emerging technological risks, such as AI, nuclear security, biosecurity, and chemical weapons, and climate change
  • socio-natural hazards, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, asteroids and comets
  • social and ecological drivers of extreme risks, such as inequality and environmental degradation

You’ll be able to indicate what you work on in the survey. It's also open to people working in an unpaid capacity, such as volunteers or interns, or studying these topics for their dissertations or degree. 


What’s involved? 

Answering a series of questions about your general beliefs, research area and career, identification with the EA community, and basic demographic questions It should take around 15 minutes. Your answers are anonymous and cannot be used to identify you 


Why take the survey?

Anyone who takes the survey can nominate a charity of their choosing to receive a £500 donation. We’ll randomly select a charity and announce the winner at the end of the study ! 



Feel free to get in touch with me on ucjungh@ucl.ac.uk if you have any questions about the study, and of course feel free to share with your friends. 

Thank you ! 





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