This year's EA Survey is now ready to be shared! This is a survey of all EAs to learn about the movement and how it can improve. The data collected in the survey is used to help EA groups improve and grow EA. Data is also used to populate the map of EAs, create new EA meetup groups, and create EA Profiles and the EA Donation Registry.

If you are an EA or otherwise familiar with the community, we hope you will take it using this link. All results will be anonymised and made publicly available to members of the EA community. As an added bonus, one random survey taker will be selected to win a $250 donation to their favorite charity.

Please share the survey with others who might be interested using this link rather than the one above:

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Done! Hope others do the same so we can get lots of interesting, juicy data. Thanks Tom for putting this together. :)

Where the survey says 2014, do you mean 2015?

We're intentionally asking about 2014 in this survey. (Last year, in the 2014 survey, we asked about 2013). This year's survey is just being released relatively late in the year (although, as you may have noticed, this survey was released earlier via Facebook).

Done and done, with extra questions too. I'm seconding ea247, thanks for the data gathering and the analysis, hard and usually thankless work - but those who know what it's like give thanks!

I cannot WAIT for the results. Doing now :D Thanks!!

Hey Tom, do you want me to share it on the "Effective Altruism" Facebook page that we also use to share the newsletters? I can take care of that if you like.