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Consider sharing reflections on the life of the vegetarian Quaker slavery abolitionist and activist Benjamin Lay, who died 265 years ago. 

We are sending an experimental short version of the Digest to half our subscribers. 

— Toby (for the Forum team)

We recommend:

  1. Celebrating Benjamin Lay (Lizka, 10 min)
  2. Sam Altman’s Chip Ambitions Undercut OpenAI’s Safety Strategy (Garrison, link-post) (see also Garrison’s Jacobin cover story on AI capitalism and the x-risk debates)
  3. Things to check about a job or internship (Julia_Wise, 10 min)
  4. Tragic Beliefs (tobytrem — me, 6 min)
  5. Thoughts on "The Offense-Defense Balance Rarely Changes" (Cullen, 6 min)
  6. What we know about growth: Labor markets in LMICs (Karthik Tadepalli, 10 min)
  7. Current paths to impact in EU AI Policy (Feb '24) (JOMG_Monnet, 6 min)
  8. Community
    1. On being an EA for decades (Michelle_Hutchinson, 7 min)
    2. My lifelong pledge to give away 10% of my income each year (and where I donated in 2023) (James Özden, 13 min)
    3. My Donations 2023 - Marcus Abramovitch (MarcusAbramovitch, 6 min)
    4. Mathilde Danès (1994-2024) (Elisa Autric)
    5. How much pressure do you feel against externally expressing views which do not conform to those of your manager or organisation? (Vasco Grilo, question, 6 min)


  1. Updates and news
  2. Jobs and opportunities

Classic Forum post |  Living on $1.25/day – what does that mean? (William_MacAskill)

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Thanks for experimenting with different formats, Toby! However, my guess is that the difference in length between the short and normal version of the EA Forum Digest was not sufficiently large to accurately assess the value of having a shorter one. It would arguably be better to test having 2 versions during weeks with many unusually high quality posts.

Hey Vasco, thanks! Would you mind expanding on why it would be good to run the test during weeks with many unusually high quality posts?

You are welcome! If there are many unusually high quality posts, I assume the normal digest will be longer, and therefore there will be a greater difference in length between the normal and short digest.

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