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Important note: This post is no longer highlighted on the front page. If you are looking to hire via the EA Forum, consider writing a post giving information about the role. If you are an organisation hiring for several roles, consider hosting an AMA. Contact me if you have any questions about this. 

Use this thread to share information about EA-related roles you are looking to fill!  

We’d like to help applicants and hiring managers coordinate, so we’ve set up this thread, and another called Who wants to be hired? (we did this last in 2022[1]).

To add your information, click "new answer." Feel free to use this template/example[2], or format as you wish. However, please prioritise including:

  • Salary range
  • Location/ timezone (and whether the job is in-person/remote/hybrid)
  • An application link, and a deadline (if you have one)
  • A brief description of your organisation. 
    • If your org is a household name on the Forum, this is less relevant. If it isn't, then please explain, don't sell (see guidelines).

If you have any feedback on these threads, please DM me or comment below. 

Job boards & other resources

If you want to explore EA jobs, check out the related Who wants to be hired? thread, or the resources below:

  1. The 80,000 Hours Job Board compiles a huge amount of open roles; there are over 800 jobs listed right now. 
    1. You can filter to exclude "career development" roles, set up alerts for roles matching your preferred criteria, and browse roles by organisation or "collection."
  2. The "Job listing (open)" page is a place to explore positions people have shared or discussed on the EA Forum (see also opportunities to take action). 
  3. The EA Opportunity Board collects internships, volunteer opportunities, conferences, and more — including part-time and entry-level job opportunities.

Other resources include Probably Good's list of impact-focused job boards, the EA job postings and EA volunteering Facebook groups, and these lists of project ideas you might be able to work on independently. (If you have other suggestions for what I should include here, please comment on this post or send me a DM!)

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    Suggested template (optional): 

    [1-line description of the job(s) that includes your organisation's name.]

    Salary: [List the (annual) salary range and a currency, and clarify if it's a part-time role]

    Location: [Describe where the job is located. Share if it's hybrid/remote, or if there are requirements about being available at certain times/timezones.]

    Application: [Link to the application and the deadline — date and time (including time zone).]

    Suggested skills and/or requirements: [Brief outline of what skills/experience you're looking for. It's worth clarifying if you're listing some skill/experience which is good evidence of fit, but not required. This is more optional than the rest — consider just skipping this.]

    Other notes about the position and [your organisation]: [Link to a page or post that shares more information about this role. You could also share more about its responsibilities and/or a note about why you think it's an impactful role. Unless your organisation is a household name on the EA Forum, consider sharing a bit about what your organisation does and why, more about its track record, or perhaps  a bit about your personal experience working at this organization. However, try not to "sell" things — see some tips/guidelines here.]

    Example of this template being used: 

    This is a fictional example! Links all just go to CEA's website and are used to illustrate where we'd put real links. 

    The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) is looking for a (Lead) Video Producer to create and improve (online, general-audience) content related to effective altruism. 

    Salary: $50,000-90,000/£40,000–£80,000, depending on seniority and location

    Location: Remote or in Oxford/Boston/Bay Area (in shared office spaces). There might be team meetings between 5 and 7 PM UK Time, so we prefer applicants who are able to work in a timezone that allows that.

    Apply here: Apply by 15 July, 2028

    Suggested skills and/or requirements: You'll be making videos highlighting important EA concepts, news, etc., and adapting existing content into shorter video form. So useful skills include: 

    - Experience making or editing videos (of any kind)

    - Writing skills

    - Basic understanding of key EA cause areas and ideas (ideally some engagement with the EA community)

    Nice-to-haves include experience directing creative projects, research communication experience, science/data illustration experience, and/or social media experience, but don't hesitate to apply if you don't have this background. We're open to hiring for more and less senior versions of this role. 

    About CEA: CEA's goal is nurturing and developing the EA movement; CEA runs this forum, the EA Global conference series, resources for EA groups, and more. You can see more about CEA on our website or here. I've worked at CEA for 17 years now — feel free to reach out if you have questions (DM me on the Forum). 

    More about this position: We're expecting to have a hard time hiring for this role — please apply if you're not sure, and share the role with people who might be interested! See more here.


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Giving What We Can is looking for a Researcher to help us identify the most effective donation opportunities for a variety of worldviews, and recommend these to our donors.

Salary and benefits: Salary for candidates is based on this calculator (which is explained in more depth here). Benefits and policies depend on location, but we aim to provide benefits equally wherever we can. See here for an example of an offer to a US candidate — we have similar benefits in other locations.

Location: Remote.

Apply here by February 18th March 2nd

Essential skills, traits and experience

  • A passion for making the world a better place
  • Strong grasp of key research concepts in effective giving and effective altruism
  • A scout mindset and a strong commitment to communicating accurately and truthfully
  • Excellent analytical skills; comfort working with quantitative and qualitative frameworks
  • Probabilistic reasoning and calibration; the ability to think in a Bayesian way
  • Prioritisation and judgement; the ability to (re-)focus your time on what’s most important and relevant
  • Ability to work both autonomously and in a team; comfort with working remotely
  • Good reasoning transparency

Desirable skills, traits and experience

  • Experience in impact-focused charity evaluation and/or grantmaking
  • Great written communication skills, especially in translating technical information to be understandable and compelling to the public
  • Generalist skills and flexibility and adaptability to other types of valuable work needed at various times, in addition to the responsibilities mentioned above

About GWWC: GWWC is on a mission to create a world in which giving effectively and significantly is a cultural norm. The GWWC team is hard-working and mission-focused, with a culture of open and honest feedback. We also like to think of ourselves as a particularly friendly and optimistic bunch.

In all our work, we strive to take a positive and collaborative attitude, be transparent in our communication and decision-making, and adopt a scout mindset to guide us towards doing the most good we can do, including by evaluating our own impact and learning from the results. To learn more, check out our current strategy.

The process

Our hiring process involves four stages (applicants will be compensated for their time spent on stages 2-3):

  1. Application form (~2 hours)
  2. Written work test (~2 hours)
  3. Work trial (~10 hours)
  4. Interview, online over Zoom (~1 hour) and reference checks.

We will close applications on the 2nd of March and aim to make an offer (provided we find a suitable candidate) by the end of April, with the successful candidate starting as soon as possible thereafter.

See also here to get a sense of our approach from a hiring round we did in early 2022.

Looking for potential co-founders for an Effective Zakat org.

I'm exploring launching a new org which aims at redirecting zakat to effective charities. The whole plan is extremely speculative at the moment (I'm currently funded to explore this idea, including looking for potential co-founders). I'm open to people from different backgrounds, locations, and experience levels. Ideally you'd be someone who is Muslim and has a decent amount of theological understanding around zakat, or have a history of working in Islamic Philanthropy. Fluent Arabic speakers would be a huge plus.

Hi Kaleem, I am really interested in this idea. I am a muslim with decent theological understanding around zakat and am fluent in arabic. Let's connect and discuss this more

Arb is a research consultancy led by Misha Yagudin and Gavin Leech. Here's our review of our first and second years. We worked on forecasting, vaccine strategy, AI risk, economic policy, grantmaking, large-scale data collection, a little software engineering, explaining highly technical concepts, and intellectual history. Lately we've been on a biotech jaunt and also events.

We're looking for researchers with some background in ML, forecasting, technical writing, blogging, or some other hard thing. Current staff include a philosophy PhD, two college dropouts, a superforecaster, a machine learning PhD, etc. We pay US wage.

Fully remote with optional long retreats. We spent a full half of 2022 colocated.

We only take work we think is important.


Do you have timezone requirements?


80,000 Hours is hiring for multiple positions across our operations and web teams!

Operations team

Please see here for the full role descriptions and application form.

Salary, benefits & location

~£50-75k depending on the role and your experience. Our preferred location is London, but we’re open to remote candidates.

Our benefits for employees include private healthcare, pension scheme / retirement account with employer contributions, a £5,000 mental health allowance, £5,000 self-development budget, 10% self-development time, up to 14 weeks of fully paid parental leave and a childcare allowance for children under 5.


People operations specialists & associates – the people in these roles will build and run our HR and recruiting systems, run hiring rounds, plan and host team events, and develop and implement our internal policies (e.g. our salary policy).

Operations specialists & associates – the people in these roles will work on designing and managing our internal systems. Responsibilities will depend on the candidate, but might include working on our finances, improving and maintaining our data sources, helping to track and communicate our metrics to internal and external stakeholders, and overseeing our IT security and support systems.

We’re planning to make several hires to each role, and will work with the chosen candidates to create a responsibility set which works well – so please reach out even if only 1 or 2 things listed (e.g. finance or recruiting) sound like a good fit!

Specialists are likely to manage larger areas of responsibility, oversee complex / poorly-scoped projects and design new policies and processes. We expect these candidates to have some previous experience, though it doesn’t have to be in operations – it might be in another generalist role such as consulting, communications, project management or community building.

Associates will focus on implementing our processes, identifying improvements and optimisations, and will take on more complex projects over time. Previous experience is not required. If you’re hired for these roles and performing particularly well, we’re likely to promote you to the specialist level quickly.

If you’re interested in any of these roles, please apply here!

Web team

Salary, benefits & location

For the writer and writer/researcher roles:

~£60-90k depending on the role and your experience. Our preferred location is London, but we’re open to remote candidates.

Our benefits for employees include private healthcare, pension scheme / retirement account with employer contributions, a £5,000 mental health allowance, £5,000 self-development budget, 10% self-development time, up to 14 weeks of fully paid parental leave and a childcare allowance for children under 5.


Executive assistant (contractor) – this person will help make the web team hires listed in this post happen! You'll be working with our Website Director (Arden Koehler) on recruiting, to help her systematically identify and assess great candidates and deliver a great candidate experience. Qualifications: great organisation and communication skills. No previous experience as an executive assistant necessary, but it's a big plus. UPDATE 22/02: applications are now closed for the executive assistant position.

Writer / researcher (not actively hiring now; will likely hire for later this year) – the core of this role is researching and writing articles for our website, including (but not limited to!) problem profilescareer reviews and research articles. You'll also help to prioritise what we work on, generate ideas for new content and could take on other responsibilities (e.g. running our newsletter), depending on your skills & interest.

Writer (not actively hiring now; will likely hire for later this year) – similar to the writer / researcher role, but with more of a focus on writing engaging content that will appeal to our target audience particularly well. Think: writing articles that would go viral on Hacker News, or spearheading a new 80k book project.

Experience in research or writing is preferred, but not essential. If you're energetic and willing to learn, you can learn a lot on the job!

If you’re interested in the writer or writer/researcher roles, please email arden@80000hours.org.

About 80,000 Hours

Our mission is to get talented people working on the world's most pressing problems — we aim to be the world's best source of support and advice for them on how to do so. We’ve had over 10 million readers on our website, have 450,000 subscribers to our newsletter and have given 1on1 advice to over 4,000 people. After 'personal contact', we're the top way people who get involved in EA first hear about it (ahead of the combined "book, article, or blog post"), and we're the most commonly cited factor for 'getting involved' in the EA community. Over 1,000 people have told us that, due to engaging with us, they have significantly changed their career plans and expect to have a larger social impact as a result.

Impact Ops is looking for a Recruitment Specialist to identify and hire talented candidates for high-impact organisations.

Salary: £41,000 to £49,000, depending on prior experience. There may be flexibility in salary for exceptional candidates with significant experience. We’re open to part-time candidates (0.5 FTE or greater). 


  • Prioritized health & wellbeing: We provide private medical, vision, and dental insurance; up to 2 weeks’ paid sick leave; and a wellbeing allowance of £5,000 each year.
  • Flexible working: You’re generally free to set your own schedule (with some overlapping hours with colleagues as needed). We’ll cover a remote workspace outside your home if you need one.
  • Generous vacation: 25 days’ holiday each year, plus public holidays. We encourage you to use the full allowance.
  • Professional development opportunities: We offer a £5,000 allowance each year for professional development. We build in opportunities for career growth through on-the-job learning, increasing responsibility, and role progression pathways.
  • Pension & income protection: We offer a 10% employer / 0% employee pension contribution, and income protection (“disability insurance”).
  • Parental leave & support: New parents have up to 14 weeks of fully-paid leave and up to 52 weeks of leave in total. We can also provide financial support to help parents balance childcare needs.
  • Equipment to help your productivity: We’ll pay for high-quality and ergonomic equipment (laptop, monitors, chair, etc.) in the office, or at home if you work remotely.
  • Global team retreats: As a remote team we hold in-person staff retreats twice a year, to work on our plans and build strong working relationships.

Location: Remote. We prefer candidates who can work in European time zones, but we’re open to other arrangements for exceptional candidates.

Application: Apply here by 19 May.

Suggested skills and/or requirements:

  • Previous work experience in recruitment-related jobs: We expect you to bring a depth of recruitment experience to the role (at least three years in a recruitment-focused role).
  • An operations mindset: You’re good at identifying issues, prioritizing, generating solutions, and efficiently implementing new ideas.
  • Strong attention to detail: You identify and correct small errors to ensure precision and accuracy in a fast-paced and challenging environment.
  • A love of systems: You enjoy building systems that run exceptionally smoothly, and have promising ideas for improving existing processes.
  • Strong communication skills: You’re personable and able to communicate professionally and clearly with various stakeholders and clients, both in writing and verbally.
  • Comfort owning projects: You’re comfortable managing tasks and you thrive in an autonomous work environment.
  • An interest in effective altruism.

Other notes about the position and Impact Ops:

Impact Ops is an independent and EA-aligned organization that provides operational support to high-impact nonprofits. Our services include finance, recruitment, entity setup, audit, due diligence, and system implementation. 

We’re looking for motivated, altruistic, and optimistic people from diverse backgrounds to join us in this impactful work by providing excellent operational support to our clients. 

Research Scientist and Research Engineer roles in AI Safety and Alignment at Google DeepMind.

Location: Hybrid (3 days/week in the office) in San Francisco / Mountain View / London.

Application deadline: We don't have a final deadline yet, but will keep the roles open for at least another two weeks (i.e. until March 1, 2024), and likely longer.

For further details, see the roles linked above. You may also find my FAQ useful.

The Global Risk Behavioral Lab is looking for a full-time Junior Research Scientist (Research Assistant) and a Research Fellow for one year (with the possibility of renewal).

The researchers will work primarily with Prof Joshua Lewis (NYU), Dr Lucius Caviola (University of Oxford), researchers at Polaris Ventures, and the Effective Altruism Psychology Research Group. Our research studies psychological aspects of relevance to global catastrophic risk and effective altruism. A research agenda is here

Location: New York University or Remote

Apply now

Research topics include:

  • Judgments and decisions about global catastrophic risk from artificial intelligence, pandemics, etc. 
  • The psychology of dangerous actors that could cause large-scale harm, such as malevolent individuals or fanatical and extremist ideological groups
  • Biases that prevent choosing the most effective options for improving societal well-being, including obstacles to an expanded moral circle

Suggested skills: Applicants for the Junior Research Scientist position ideally have some experience in psychological/behavioral/social science research. Applicants for the Research Fellow position can also come from other fields relevant to studying large-scale harm from dangerous actors.

I just wanted to check in on this posting as I recently submitted my application. I'm not sure if you're still hiring, but I'm really looking forward to the possibility of discussing this opportunity with you. Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!🤞🏽

Head of Communications - CEA 

While a successful candidate would ideally have a strong communications background, we’re open to applications from generalists with strong foundational skills who can build a team with additional expertise. This is a senior leadership position reporting to the CEO. The remit of the role is broad, including developing and executing communications strategies for both CEA and effective altruism more broadly. We anticipate that this individual will become the foremost leader for strategic communications related to EA and will have a significant impact in shaping the field's strategy. This will include collaborating with senior leaders at other organizations doing EA-related work.

Both EA and CEA are at important inflection points. Public awareness of EA has grown significantly over the past 2 years, during which time EA has had both major success and significant controversies. To match this growth in awareness, we're looking to increase our capacity to inform public narratives about and contribute to a more accurate understanding of EA ideas and impact. The stakes are high: Success could result in significantly higher engagement with EA ideas, leading to career changes, donations, new projects, and increased traction in a range of fields. Failure could result in long-lasting damage to the brand, the ideas, and the people who have historically associated with them.

We’re looking for a leader who can design and execute a communications strategy for EA. This person will be a strategic partner with and member of CEA’s leadership team to help us shape both the substance and messaging of EA. You’ll be able to build from the foundation set by our existing team, building on the work of our outgoing head of communications to further grow and expand the team, which currently includes one full-time staff member and support from an external agency. CEA has a new CEO, who is in the process of developing a new organizational strategy and views strengthening our communications function as a key priority. You should expect significant organizational support—e.g. attention from senior leadership and the allocation of necessary financial resources.

Apply now



Rethink Priorities is seeking a Global Health and Development Director who will work closely with all team members and have at least initially direct reports of two Senior Research Managers. The Department typically carries out short research projects, often commissioned by philanthropic organizations and other relevant actors in the global health and development space. 

Salary: $125,000 - $125,250 / year for a full-time position (prorated for part-time work)

Location: Remote (we can hire from many countries; some international travel is required)

Deadline: February 25, 2024, at the end of the day (11:59 PM) in US/Eastern (EST) time zone 

Learn more here on our website!

MATS is now hiring for three roles!

  • Program Generalist (London) (1 hire, starting ASAP);
  • Community Manager (Berkeley) (1 hire, starting Jun 3);
  • Research Manager (Berkeley) (1-3 hires, starting Jun 3).

We are generally looking for candidates who:

  • Are excited to work in a fast-paced environment and are comfortable switching responsibilities and projects as the needs of MATS change;
  • Want to help the team with high-level strategy;
  • Are self-motivated and can take on new responsibilities within MATS over time; and
  • Care about what is best for the long-term future, independent of MATS’ interests.

Please apply via this form and share via your networks.

EA Oxford and Cambridge are looking for new full-time organisers!

We’re looking for motivated, self-driven individuals with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to manage multiple projects, and think deeply about community strategy. 

  • You’d lead a variety of projects, such as community retreats, large intro fellowships, and career support and mentorship for promising new group members. 
  • These roles are a great way to grow your leadership skills, build a portfolio of well-executed projects, and develop your own understanding of EA cause areas. 
  • By building large, thriving communities at some of the world’s top universities, you’re able to support many talented people to go on to do highly impactful work.

New organisers would start by September 2024- find out more here. Deadline 28th April 2024.

Apply now

The European Union has a brand new European Artificial Intelligence Office (AI Office), to enact the new EU AI Act. More details here.

Two roles are currently open, Technology Specialist and Administrative Assistant. I will give some details for the Technology Specialist role here (based on a recent livestream/Q&A). This is a role for Software Developers, Research Scientists, Hardware Experts, and more. They expect to hire 80-100 people within the next 2 years.

Salary: Standard for certain EU office roles. Fluid, depends on experience and family status, but examples figures included ~4000 (EUR per month) for a junior candidate and ~6500 for an experienced one with children.

Location: Brusseles (Belgium) or Luxembourg (Luxembourg). Hybrid/full, up to 3 days/week remotely, the rest in one of the two offices.

Application: Technology Specialist (download and open doc for more details), open until 2024-03-27 (in 7 days).

Minimum Requirements (summarized):

  • EU Citizen
  • Know 2 EU languages (at least one of them thoroughly (C3), the other one must be ENG/FRA/GER and can be at B2 level).
  • Master's degree
  • At least 1 year of relevant professional experience with AI

Suggested skills (copied from document):

  • Professional experience in an international and multicultural environment;
  • Knowledge/understanding of AI technologies
  • Knowledge/understanding of EU policies in the fields relevant to the profile;
  • Knowledge/experience of regulatory supervision and enforcement in any related domain;
  • Experience and understanding of audit & control systems;
  • Additional expertise or academic background in law-related matters;

The tasks and role are not set in stone, because the AI Office does not exist yet; it will be built within the next year, and specific duties will be decided in the future. Tasks may include (summarized):

  • Evaluate AI models, classify them, assess how risky they are
  • Write documents about guidelines, codes of practice, standards, etc
  • Analyze and investigate infringements to the AI Act
  • Develop tools to help with the above, such as benchmarks
  • Contribute to future policies
  • Monitor the AI ecosystem

More details here and in the .docx files within the links at the bottom of that page.

For the 2024 Research Fellowship, the Swiss Existential Risk Initiative (CHERI) is looking for multiple research managers for our main research areas: Biosecurity & Pandemic Preparedness, AI Governance & Policy, and Technical AI Safety. This role offers a unique opportunity to contribute to global catastrophic risk (GCR) research and policy by supporting the projects and careers of fellows in their specific research areas. Fellows from previous years have gone on to do high-impact work, from publishing AI Governance research with leading organisations in the field to shaping GCR policy within government organisations, to becoming Technical AI Safety researchers.

Please look at our Research Manager Role Description to get more details about the role.

At CHERI, we are dedicated to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We firmly uphold the principles of equality and fairness in our hiring practices. We strongly encourage applicants from a wide array of backgrounds to apply. If you are unsure about your suitability for the role, we urge you to err on the side of applying. We value the unique perspectives and experiences that each individual brings to our team.

Apply Here until February 23rd

This is a link-post, published with permission from LEEP

LEEP is an impact-driven, evidence-based non-profit that aims to eliminate childhood lead poisoning, which affects an estimated one in three children worldwide. They primarily focus on one important source of exposure: lead paint. They generate data on the extent of the problem, support governments with the introduction and enforcement of regulation, and assist manufacturers in switching to lead-free paints. 

LEEP is seeking multiple program managers, and a program consultant for Madagascar

Program manager (Multiple locations) | Rolling applications

Job description

Salary: Competitive depending on location and experience

Location: Multiple time zones and locations

The ideal candidate has:

  • Fluency in English and in any regionally required languages. 
  • Passion for LEEP’s mission
  • Willingness to travel for 8-12 weeks of the year.
Apply | Program Manager

Program Consultant (Madagascar) | Rolling applications

Job description

Salary: 15 hours per week, competitive hourly rate

Location: Antananarivo preferred, Tamatave also considered

The ideal candidate:

  • Must be fluent English, French and Malagasy
  • Is passionate for LEEP’s mission
  • Is willing to travel within Madagascar for program work (6-12 weeks/year)
Apply | Madagascar Program Consultant

The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) is making a recruiter hire! We’re ideally looking for someone with professional experience in relevant domains, but we’re also open to hiring for a more junior version of this role—hence why the title of this role is variable.

The importance of recruiting is being heightened, as the team is entering a new era as we take on a new CEO and begin the process of spinning out from Effective Ventures to become an independent organisation. This means that in addition to our pre-existing recruiting needs, our spin out will create increased demand as we move various operations functions in-house (such as finance, payroll, and legal). We’re entering one of the largest hiring bursts in CEA’s history, and the person in this role will play a key role in ensuring we’re able to find and attract the top talent we need to be successful in our mission.

Apply here!

Panoplia Laboratories is developing broad-spectrum antivirals in order to fight future pandemics, and we are looking to hire one researcher to be a part of our team.

Job description: Responsibilities would include:

  • Designing and cloning new antiviral candidates
  • Designing and executing in vitro assays to characterize antiviral candidates
  • Assisting with the design and execution of in vivo studies for the characterization of antiviral candidates
  • Analyzing data from in vitro and in vivo studies
  • Actively communicating results with the rest of the team

As an early member of our team, you would also have the ability to learn new skills, receive technical mentorship, and play a central role in our path to making an impact.

Salary/benefits: $75,000/year, medical/dental/vision insurance, unlimited paid time off

Location: Cambridge, MA

Suggested skills/attributes: We encourage everyone who is interested to apply! But some of the skills/attributes we are looking for include:

  • Mammalian cell culture experience
  • Experience working with viruses in vitro
  • Familiarity with general molecular biology techniques: flow cytometry, PCR, gel electrophoresis, qPCR, ELISAs
  • Experience working with mice
  • Working well with a team
  • Flexibility in taking on different tasks
  • Enthusiasm about working towards a shared mission

The application process: Please fill out the Google Form here – the application is on a rolling deadline. We will follow up with individual applicants by e-mail to conduct a short work test and schedule a 1-hour interview with Executive Director Brian Wang. Finally, we’ll invite you for a tour of the lab/office and for lunch with the rest of the team (in-person or virtually).

More about Panoplia Laboratories: We are a nonprofit organization conducting research on broad-spectrum antivirals until they are technically de-risked enough to be further developed through the clinic by biotech or pharmaceutical companies. Our current research program focuses on the development of inhalable, DNA-encoded broad-spectrum antiviral proteins we call “virus-targeting chimeras” (VIRTACs), inspired by the innate immune system. You can find even more information about us in a public funding proposal we put out last year here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to info@panoplialabs.org!

Exciting!!! Wish I could come back and join you guys :)

Brian Wang
We miss you!

This is a link-post, published with permission from the Forethought Foundation. 

The Forethought Foundation is seeking a research/executive assistant for the director, Will MacAskill.

Salary: £40k-£70k depending on experience

Location: In Oxford. In exceptional circumstances, remote. 

Apply by the end of February 13th.

Apply now

The research/executive assistant will have two areas of responsibility: 

1) Executive and operational support, and 

  • Triaging and drafting emails.
  • Scheduling meetings.
  • Planning and making travel arrangements.
  • And more

2) Research assistance.

  • Reading, commenting, and helping to revise draft papers, written by Will and others.
  • Writing literature reviews. 
  • Case studies. 
  • And more

About Forethought: Forethought supports and promotes individuals and institutions working on global priorities research, furthers and develops effective altruism and longtermism as ideas, and promotes and presents the ideas of effective altruism and longtermism in social and traditional media, in person, and within academia. Recently, Forethought has worked on writing and promoting the book What We Owe The Future.

There are three obvious ways in which this role could develop, depending on experience and performance:

  • Research Fellow: This would involve full-time (or close to full-time) work on research in the broad area of ASI governance. 
  • General Manager: If we decided that general-audience content such as a book made the most sense as the main output, then we would build up a team in pursuit of that aim, which would be managed by a General Manager.  
  • Chief of Staff: If we decided that we should form a new research institute, then there would be a need for a Chief of Staff. For more information on the nature of that role, see this description by Matt Mochary. 

For more information about this role, read this job description, or Will’s quick take.


Arkose is seeking an AI Safety Call Specialist who will be speaking with and supporting professors, PhD students, and industry professionals who are interested in AI safety research or engineering.

Salary: $75,000 - $95,000, depending on prior experience and location. This is currently a 9-month-long fixed contract.

Location: Remote (but we highly prefer candidates to be able to work in roughly US time zones).

Deadline: 30 March 2024, with rolling admission (early applications encouraged).

Learn more on our website, and apply here if you’re interested!

Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) is looking for a Director of Outreach to manage and run a team that creates and maintains talent pipelines online and in person.

Salary: Between £34,000 and £47,000 gross per annum

Location: London, UK (preferred) or remote (employed locally via Employer of Record)

Deadline: Accepting rolling applications until a suitable candidate is found

Suggested skills and/or requirements: See job ad on our website for detailed description. 

About CE: Charity Entrepreneurship is on a mission to cause more effective charities to exist in the world. We launch high-impact nonprofits by connecting entrepreneurs with effective ideas, training, and funding.

More about this position: We're also running a referral program to fill this position. If you refer a candidate to us and they successfully make it through probation, we'll donate £1K to a charity of your choice!

Apply here to become CE's Director of Outreach!

The CEA events team is hiring for several roles, all of which can be either remote or Oxford-based:

  • Project Manager (Apply by April 8th): You’ll collaborate with experts and provide end-to-end event support to make events happen that could be valuable for making progress in their fields, and which might not happen otherwise.
  • Events Associate (Apply by April 8th): You’ll support the planning and execution of our events and play a key role in enhancing their impact.
  • Events Generalist (expression of interest): Join our team and support our expanding portfolio of events through work on admissions, content, event design, production, or volunteer management.

The Insect Institute is hiring for a vital, exciting, foundational role: a full-time Program Coordinator or Program Officer (depending on the qualifications of the successful candidate).  This is a high-responsibility position where you will have the opportunity to drive real impact for our mission. As our second full-time employee, you will be tasked with helping to carry out the Insect Institute's interventions, including through engagement with policymakers, regulators, NGOs, and potentially media. Suitably qualified candidates may also be asked to contribute to research and report writing. As one of only a few people worldwide working in an extremely important cause area, you will have the potential for enormous counterfactual impact.

Salary: $73,630-$87,694 USD pre-tax
Location: Fully remote
Application Deadline: April 1st, end of day in the EST time zone

The full job description and application is available here. If you know someone else who might be a good fit, a referral form is available here. We offer a $500 bonus for referring the successful candidate. Questions about the role can be directed to info@insectinstitute.org.

More Information:

Key Responsibilities

  • Implementing the Insect Institute’s interventions. This might include, but not necessarily be limited to, activities like:
    • Working with legislators on, e.g., environmental issues related to the adoption of insects as food and feed
    • Outreach to regulators in US executive agencies or UK ministries on, e.g., food safety issues related to insect farming
    • Outreach to and collaboration on projects with other NGOs, such as environmental, public health, or animal welfare organizations
    • Drafting press releases and conducting outreach to journalists
  • Especially for more senior levels, taking initiative to, e.g., identify ways to improve on current interventions, or to identify opportunities for new interventions
  • If hired at a more senior level, potentially managing others, especially as the Insect Institute expands in the future
  • For candidates with suitable skills, potentially some degree of research and report writing


  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to credibly and persuasively represent the Insect Institute’s positions to other stakeholders
  • We do not require starting familiarity with relevant academic domains (e.g., environmental science, public health, animal welfare, entomology) or with the state of the insects as food and feed industry. However, the candidate should possess the ability to gain familiarity as needed, and to proactively stay abreast of developments
  • Adaptability, flexibility, and willingness to proactively do what is necessary to give the Insect Institute’s projects the greatest chance of success


If you do not meet all of the below criteria, please still consider applying. Please also take an expansive interpretation of the below criteria (e.g., if you are not sure whether your work experience is relevant, err on the side of assuming it might be).

  • Relevant work experience (such as, e.g., work in policy, advocacy, or alternative proteins). Relevant backgrounds might include but are not limited to, e.g.:
    • Outreach to legislators or relevant government agencies (such as the USDA or FDA in the US, or Defra or the FSA in the UK), especially if on relevant issues (environment sustainability, food safety, etc.)
    • Work within such government agencies, especially if on relevant issues
    • Work in an NGO, such as one focused on the environment, alternative proteins, food safety, or animal welfare, doing work similar to that mentioned in the “key responsibilities” above
    • Experience managing others, especially in working on relevant issues
  • Expertise in a relevant academic domain (including but not necessarily limited to, e.g., a degree and/or academic publications in agricultural science, environmental science, public health, disciplines related to food safety, animal welfare, entomology, etc.)
  • Ability and willingness to contribute to research and report writing as needed
  • Willingness to occasionally travel (e.g., for conferences and meetings)

Senior Full-stack Haskell Engineer @ Lantern Ventures

Location: London, UK, Flexible working (minimum 2 days a week from the office - fully remote can be considered)

Salary: £90k - 130k (depending on experience) + discretionary bonus

Hours: Full time

Contract type: Permanent with a 3 month probation period  

Closing date: 30th of April 2024

Apply Now

About Lantern Ventures: 

Lantern Ventures is a  London-based proprietary trading firm specialising in cryptocurrencies. We use technologies developed in-house to identify and execute on trading opportunities arising in cryptocurrency markets worldwide. Lantern Ventures is a strongly mission-driven organisation, donating 50% of firm profits to highly effective charities; applicants with an interest in this mission will be favourably considered. 


  • 4+ years back-end experience using Haskell or a mix of Haskell and other FP languages professionally or open-source
  • 2+ years front-end experience using React/Typescript
  • Proficiency with SQL strongly preferred
  • Experience working with heterogeneous time series data, especially financial data, is a plus
  • Experience with one cloud provider AWS/GCP/Azure, Infrastructure as code, Docker is a plus
  • Experience with Redis is a plus
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English required
  • Experience working in small teams in a startup-like environment and building and shipping products that are critical to business success is a plus (figuring out what is required, how to build it, how to fix it, iterate on it)

I worked with Sam for 4 years and would recommend the experience. He's an absolute blast to talk tech with, and a great human.

The form seems to be private.

Also, the URL changed to https://www.lanternventures.com/jobs/senior-haskell-engineer 

Thanks for this - both should be fixed

One for the World is hiring an Executive Director to lead the development and execution of One for the World’s strategy and be responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the organization.

Salary: US$110k-$150k per annum, plus a 0-20% performance-related bonus each year. Pay will be location-adjusted by up to 15% if you live outside the US - let us know if you want to understand your location-based pay in advance of applying.

Location: Strong preference for someone based in the mainland US, ideally on the Northeast/Acela corridor. We will consider strong applications for remote work but would expect commensurate ability to travel and accommodate synchronous meetings across US time zones. Accordingly, we anticipate appointing someone in the US.

Apply here: Application Form and Pack, apply by March 18th to be considered in the first round.  

About the role: We are excited to find an ambitious leader, with a track record of high-level execution, who will bring a clear vision and strategic plan for expanding One for the World's influence and quickly multiplying money moved to our nonprofit Partners.

You should apply if you can galvanize our team, manage and deepen our relationship with our donors, effectively fundraise in corporate environments, and have a strong personal commitment to addressing global poverty. It would be advantageous if you were an exceptional public speaker.

About One for the World: We envision a world where everyone fully embraces their opportunity to give effectively. Our work is to build a movement of people revolutionizing charitable giving to end extreme poverty through education, training, and community building. You can learn more about One for the World on our website here.

More about this position: If you are looking for a role with immense potential impact, this is an opportunity to lead a fast-growing organization, raising money for the world’s most cost-effective nonprofit organizations.

One for the World members have, to date, donated $6 million to our nonprofit partners, preventing nearly 1,000 deaths. We have created communities of donors in workplaces and college campuses across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

If you have any questions about the role or would like to recommend a candidate, please reach out to jobs@1fortheworld.org.  

CEA is hiring for someone to lead the EA Global program. CEA's three flagship EAG conferences facilitate tens of thousands of highly impactful connections each year that help people build professional relationships, apply for jobs, and make other critical career decisions.

This is a role that comes with a large amount of autonomy, and one that plays a key role in shaping a key piece of the effective altruism community’s landscape. 

See more details and apply here!

Princeton University’s Research Program in Development Economics is looking for a Research and Policy Manager to provide high-level research support to Professor Pascaline Dupas and Prof. Seema Jayachandran, plus their colleagues. The role is similar to being a “chief of staff.” 

We are looking for an exceptionally strong analytical thinker who has good writing and people skills and is dependable and competent, i.e., gets things done regardless of the task.   

Salary: $85,000-100,000, depending on seniority 

Location: Princeton, NJ, with some travel (the university has a four-day-a-week in person policy). We can sponsor work visas.

Apply here: Apply here. Applications currently being reviewed on a rolling basis. (Note that the job ad says it is a one-year term but it is a permanent position, with renewal after a year. We prefer someone who expects to stay in the job at least 3 years but would consider someone with a 2-year horizon.)

Suggested skills and/or requirements: You'll be writing policy briefs and grant applications, representing us in meetings with implementing partners or donors, supervising the work of field-based research students, and a host of other things.  Useful skills include: 

- Strong understanding of economics, consistent with completing a master's degree or acing an undergraduate degree). This includes both the econometrics/statistics of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and economic concepts such as general equilibrium effects and principal-agent problems.

- Writing skills

- Oral communication skills

- Project management skills (even if not experience)

Nice-to-haves is fieldwork experience and experience working on randomized controlled trials. Also, while this is not a data analyst role, skills to conduct basic data analysis and supervise/give feedback on our data analysts' work would be valuable.

About RPDE at Princeton: RPDE is the center housing the development economists at Princeton University. We conduct microeconomic research related to poverty and well-being in low- and middle-income countries. Many of our research studies are RCTs on topics including health, climate, gender, education, crime, and political economy. We are 4 full-time faculty, 1-2 postdocs per year, 1-2 sabbatical visitors per year, and PhD students.

A new, yet unnamed, Emerging Addiction Medicine Policy Initiative, is looking to hire a Part-Time Researcher, Biomed and Data.

We are a new, as yet unnamed, non-profit project focused on the opiate crisis and potential breakthrough treatments for addiction and overdose.  Our thesis is that development of new medicines for substance use disorders is radically underfunded relative to the scale of the negative health and social impacts. 

We are currently a nearly full-time founder with experience in public policy, tech, science, and investing, and a part-time data scientist who is creating charts for the project.

We are looking to build ongoing research capacity to develop a strong analytical argument for the public, the industry, and policy makers.  We are currently seeking a part-time research assistant with experience in biology, medicine, or the biomed industry and with some understanding of data science.  

We want someone who is excited to dive into an important and complex research arena, learn as much as possible, stay on top of new developments and debates in the field, and bring an open-minded approach to everything we examine, driven by facts and logic.  We are non-ideological and are looking for real answers.  We are largely US-oriented because of the scale of the crisis in the US and because most of the research and pharma resources are based in the US.  That being said, we have non-US collaborators and we are interested in global solutions.

This will be our first paid research position and it is something of an experiment for us.  Responsibilities and time per week may shift a bit.

Skills, Experience, and Responsibilities

  • Experience or knowledge in biology, medicine, or biomed.  
    • PhD level training would be excellent but even someone outside these fields who can demonstrate deep knowledge and ability could work.
  • Must be able to read and understand scientific medical publications and social science research papers with a high level of granularity.
  • Must be extremely organized and good at organizing.
    • You will help us develop some workflows for studying the field and keeping up with new developments and potentially restructuring our current research process.
  • Skilled writing and editing abilities.  You will collaborate on research, writing, and editing for Substack and other outlets.
  • Knowledge and interest in AI research tools, analysis services, etc.


Optional Bonus Skills

  • Interest in outreach to experts, scientists, and writers in the area.
  • Personal experiences or interest in the field of addiction or drug abuse.
  • Interest in promotional activities to grow the project, including contacting people and participating in online or in person discussion groups.
  • Graphic design experience of any kind.
  • Fun to work with!


Pay rate: $30 - $50 per hour, depending on experience.

Time: 10-20 hours a week.

To Apply: email us at addictionpolicyinitiative@gmail.com and include your resume and a message about your experience and why you are interested in the position.  

Thank you!

Anima International is looking for a Global Campaign Manager to help us figure out the most effective campaign strategies to mobilize and lead activists across the globe to create a change for animals, and a Global Growth Manager to increase Anima International’s effectiveness through its international growth. 

Salary: The minimum salary (the salary base) varies depending on your place of residence. We aim for the salary base to be around the median of salaries in the country. For example, in the UK the base salary is GBP 36,954.48 gross/year and in Poland, it’s PLN 6385,24 PLN gross/month. Your salary may change due to your previous experience related to the position and activism (+3% for each year). In addition, the salary increases with your seniority in Anima International according to the following model:

+ 7% – for every year worked at Anima International during the first 5 years of work

+ 5% – for every year worked at Anima International during the next 5 years of work

+ 3% – for every year worked at Anima International during the next 5 years of work

+ 2% – for every year worked at Anima International during the next years of work

Location: fully remote, we will consider applicants from across the world, provided that they are willing to travel on average 6–8 times per year and be flexible in terms of time differences.

Apply here by 17 March 2024, 11:59 PM CET

Suggested skills and/or requirements: 

Global Growth Manager: You will both establish and grow Anima International teams around the globe. You will help member groups of Anima International be more effective, training them in aspects of a broad skill set, from campaigning or conducting investigations to fundraising and management. So useful skills include:

  • Campaigning experience
  • Project management
  • Understanding of key areas and campaigns of the animal advocacy movement
  • Communication skills
  • Basic digital skills

Nice-to-haves include experience of leading teams, basic fundraising and/or media experience, but do not hesitate to apply if you do not have this experience. We are open to hiring for senior and junior positions.

Global Campaign Manager: You’ll be coordinating our campaigns in coalitions, training our campaigners, and thinking critically about the campaigns we are doing – and not doing. So useful skills and traits include:

  • High agency, endurance, and conscientiousness
  • Ability to understand and weigh up nuanced issues
  • Ability to transfer knowledge, teach, and motivate other activists
  • High cognitive empathy, communicativeness, and alliance building

Nice-to-haves include experience covering a lot of aspects of organizational work, like marketing, fundraising, multimedia production, etc., and how they work together with campaigns.

More about these positions: We’re expecting to have a hard time hiring for this role – please apply if you’re not sure, and share the role with people who might be interested! All the details are available here for the Global Campaign Manager and here for the Global Growth Manager. The application deadline is 17 March, 11:59 CET, and the application form is here.

New Public is looking for a Senior Software Engineer, to collaborate with a group of Public Service Media orgs across Europe and North America to build a publicly-owned, public-interest online space that encourages productive discourse between people with different worldviews. 

Solving all other problems depends on people being able to have productive discourse about the nature of those problems and how to solve them. This is a space where many have tried and failed, but we believe our partners have the prestige and audience size to give ours a credible shot of success. We have built a prototype that people are excited about and now it's time to turn it into a real product.

Salary: $160-175,000  USD.

Location: Fully Remote. US or Canada.

Application: https://newpublic.org/jobs/software-engineer-psi . Likely to close soon.

Suggested skills and/or requirements: 

  • Experience shipping real products
  • Some experience building social products
  • Comfortable working anywhere in the stack - front end, back end, ranking, etc.

About New Public: Our work started when co-founders Eli Pariser and Talia Stroud asked what healthy societies need from digital spaces — not just in terms of avoiding harms, but in terms of creating public goods. We believe that thriving societies require flourishing public spaces, and that the design of public spaces shapes the kind of public conversations and communities that a society has.

ERA is hiring for an Ops Manager and multiple AI Techincal and Governance Research Managers - Remote or in Cambridge, Part and Full-time, ideally starting in March, apply by Feb 21.

The Existential Risk Alliance (ERA) is hiring for various roles for our flagship Summer Research Programme. This year, we will have a special focus on AI Safety and AI Governance. With the support of our networks, we will host ~30 ERA fellows, and you could be a part of the team making this happen!

Over the past 3 years, we have supported over 60 early career researchers from 10+ countries through our summer programme. You can find out more about ERA at www.erafellowship.org. In 2023, we ran 35+ events over 8 weeks to facilitate the fellow's research goals. Our alumni have published their work in peer-reviewed journals, launched their own projects based on their research, or started jobs at impactful organisations after their time at ERA.

The specific roles we are currently hiring for include:

We are looking for people who can ideally start in March 2024. In-person participation in some or all of the 8-week summer fellowship programme in Cambridge is highly encouraged, and all travel, visa, accommodation, and meal costs will be covered for in-person participation.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and we encourage early applications. Unless suitable candidates are found earlier and specific roles are taken down, we will accept applications until February 21, 2024, at the end of the day in your local time zone. 

FutureSearch is hiring! We're seeking Full-Stack Software Engineers, Research Engineers, and Research Scientists to help us build an AI system that can answer hard questions, including the forecasting and research questions critical for effective allocation of resources. You can read more our motivations, and how it works.

Salary and benefits: $70k - $120k, location and seniority depending. We aim to offer higher equity than startups at our size (6 people) typically do.

Location: Full remote. We pay for travel every few months to work together around the US and Europe. We are primarily based on SF and London.

Apply on our careers page.

Hiring Process: 

  1. Answer some questions about your understanding of our domain (1 hour)
  2. Offline technical screen (2 hours)
  3. Online non-technical founder interview (45 minutes)
  4. Offer

Pivotal Research is looking for a Operations & Community Manager for our 2024 Research Fellowship.

Employment Period: As soon as possible (subject to availability) to September 2024

Location: London (preferred in-person)

Employment Work-Load: 0.7 – 1 FTE

Salary Range: GBP 4,000 - 5,000 per month for 1 FTE (depending on background and experience)

Deadline: April 17th, 23:59 (CET+1), Apply Here

For the 2024 Research Fellowship, Pivotal Research (previously known as CHERI) is looking for a dedicated Operations & Community Manager to join the team. This role presents a unique opportunity to make a substantial impact in the global catastrophic risk (GCR) field by providing crucial support to the fellowship. The Operations & Community Manager will enjoy significant autonomy and decision-making authority, enabling them to play a key role in ensuring the success of the research fellowship. This position is ideal for individuals passionate about operational excellence and community engagement, aiming to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of GCR research.

Our World in Data is looking for a Junior Data Scientist!

This person will join our Data & Research team and help with the whole chain of collection, transformation, documentation, and dissemination of data on the many topics that we cover.

Salary range: £200–280 per day

Location: Remote. To maximize overlapping working hours with the rest of our team, we will only consider applicants living in Europe/Africa time zones, from UTC+0 to UTC+2.

Contract type: Contractor (full-time, flexible hours)

Deadline to apply: Sunday 17 March 2024 (23:59 London time)

Learn more + apply here

Legal Impact for Chickens is hiring an Operations Specialist!




We’re looking for a passionate and hard-working Operations Specialist to join us as we continue to grow our nonprofit and fight for animals. This is a new position, and you will have the ability to influence our operations and play an important role in our work.

The responsibilities of this position are varied, covering operational, administrative, and paralegal work, and we will consider a variety of candidates and experiences. Therefore, the final job title may differ depending on the final candidate.

Want to join us?


About our work and why you should join us

Legal Impact for Chickens (LIC) is a 501(c)(3) litigation nonprofit. We work to protect farmed animals.

You may have seen our Costco shareholder derivative suit in The Washington Post, Fox Business, or CNN Business—or even on TikTok.

You also may have heard of LIC from our recent Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) recommendation.

Now, we’re looking for our next hire: an entrepreneurial Operations Specialist to support us in our fight for animals!

Legal Impact for Chickens is currently a team of three litigators. You will join LIC as our first non-litigator employee and support the entire team.


About you

You might be a great fit for this position if you have many of the following qualities:

• Passion for helping farmed animals

• Extremely organized, thoughtful, and dependable

• Strong interpersonal skills

• Interest in the law and belief that litigation can help animals

• Zealous, creative, and enthusiastic

• Excited to build this startup nonprofit!

• Willingness to help with all types of nonprofit startup work, from litigation support to HR to finance

• Strong work ethic and initiative

• Love of learning

• Paralegal experience or certificate preferred, but not required

• Experience with various aspects of operations (such as bookkeeping and IT) preferred, but not required

• Experience growing a new team preferred, but not required

• Kind to our fellow humans, and excited about creating a welcoming, inclusive team


About the role

You will be an integral part of LIC. You’ll help shape our organization’s future.

Your role will be a combination of (1) assisting the lawyers with litigation tasks, and (2) helping with everything else we need to do, to build and run a growing nonprofit organization!

Since this is such a small organization, you’ll wear many hats: Sometimes you’ll act as a paralegal, formatting a table of authorities, performing legal research, or preparing a binder for a hearing. Sometimes you’ll act as an HR manager, making sure we have the right trainings and benefits available. Sometimes you’ll act as an administrative assistant, tracking expenditures and donations, booking travel arrangements, or helping LIC’s president with email management. Sometimes you’ll act as LIC’s front line for communicating with the public, monitoring info@legalimpactforchickens.org emails, thanking donors, or making calls to customer service representatives on LIC’s behalf. Sometimes you’ll pitch in on LIC’s communications, social media, and public education efforts. If you’re the kind of person who likes to handle many different types of work, this role is for you!

This job offers tremendous opportunity for professional growth and the ability to create valuable impact for animals. The hope is for you to become an indispensable, long-time member of our new team.

Commitment: Full time

Location and travel: This is a remote, U.S.-based position. You must be available to travel for work as needed, since we will litigate all over the country. (Disabilities will be accommodated.)

Reports to: Alene Anello, LIC’s president

Salary: $50,000–$70,000 depending on experience

Benefits: Health insurance (with ability to buy dental), 401(k), life insurance, flexible schedule, unlimited PTO (plus mandatory vacation!), room for advancement as the organization grows


One more thing!

LIC is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color, and those from other marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, disability, age, medical condition, veteran status, marital status, political affiliation, or any other protected characteristic.


To Apply

To apply, please email your cover letter and resume, combined as one PDF, to info@legalimpactforchickens.org.


Thank you for your time and your compassion!


Legal Impact for Chickens

Epoch AI is looking for an Operations Associate to help us grow and support our team. This person will manage our recruiting, onboarding, and offboarding processes, and support our staff in various other ways to help our organisation thrive. It's a great opportunity for generalists looking to contribute to a mission-driven team working on making sure AI goes well.

Salary: $60,000 to $70,000 pre-tax depending on previous experience. This role is open to full time candidates only.

Location: Remote. We are a fully remote organization, and we are able to hire in many countries.

Application: Apply here by May 15.

Suggested skills and/or requirements:

  • An operations mindset
  • Great communication skills, and comfort with open and direct communication
  • Having a low-ego, supportive mindset and being comfortable working behind the scenes.
  • Experience in similar roles or managing projects that involve logistics.
  • Deep interest in Epoch AI’s mission.

If you think you'd be a good candidate but you don't check all these boxes, please still apply!

About Epoch: Epoch is a non-profit research institute investigating the trajectory and impact of artificial intelligence for the benefit of society. We help policymakers and the public think more clearly about AI through scientific research and data. Our work informs policy-making at key government institutes and governance at leading industry AI labs.

Contact me if you have questions about the role!

Farmed Animal Funders (FAF) is hiring an Operations & Community ManagerWe are accepting applications until Monday, May 20, 2024. The role is remote (United States), full time, and compensation is $70,000-$80,000.

In short: the Operations and Community Manager will focus mostly on building and running internal operations, support of FAF’s programs for members and prospective funders, and will play a leadership role in delivering a variety of excellent events.

Farmed Animal Funders (FAF) is a donor network whose members give $250K+ annually to charitable initiatives fighting factory farming. Our membership consists of 40+ high-net-worth individuals, foundations, and companies with diverse theories of change. As the only funders group in the farmed animal protection movement, Farmed Animal Funders plays an outsized role in leading major donors to give more, give better, and give together to end industrialized animal agriculture and build a more humane and sustainable food system. 

Feel free to help spread the word about this impactful opportunity (Linkedin and Twitter posts are here). Email hiring (at)farmedanimalfunders.org with any questions. 

Vegan Thesis Director (full-time, remote, ddl: Feb 29)

Vegan Thesis is a platform dedicated to advancing academic research in plant-based food system transitions and animal ethics. We connect students with mentors and research opportunities to create impactful work. Here's a video about us: Vegan Thesis Pitch 

We're looking for a dedicated and visionary Director to lead our initiatives and drive our mission forward. This pivotal role will steer our organization's direction, growth, and impact, including overseeing internal operations and enhancing our research and development efforts.

Full Job Description 

Apply now

Note: Deadline is in 2 days - Wednesday, Feb 7th! 

CellAg UK is hiring for a Program Associate, working one day per week, to build our community-building efforts for alternative proteins in the UK. This Program Associate will play a significant role in shaping and running our programs, such as incubating university alternative protein societies, community-building amongst early-career researchers via organising events, getting alternative proteins into UK university curricula and more. You can see additional information about the role here. If you’re interested, please apply via this form.

  • Application deadline: 7th of February, 23:59 BST. Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis so early applications are encouraged.
  • Contract: 1 year, working one day per week (approx. 8 hours per week). Please note that this contract would be on a self-employed/freelance basis.
  • Location: Remote, UK-based
  • Salary: £40,000 pro-rata

Hi James- you've put March in the heading but February in the text. 

James Özden
Oopsie, thanks for the flag Toby! Will change

EA Hungary Head of Communications/Operations, early 2024

We are currently looking for highly motivated individual to join the team of EA Hungary. In this form you can apply for the position. Please make sure to read the full description before applying.

Selection process: We expect to have 2 or 3 rounds. First round being this application form. Applicants continuning to the next stage will have one or two additional interviews/work tasks.

Salary: 9-12 USD per hour (pre-tax). For exceptional candidates we might be able to offer a higher rate up to an additional 1-10 USD per hour. 

(Income tax in Hungary for people under 25 is 0%, above is 33%. For students above 25 years old it is 15%, but you will have to double-check this with your accountant.)

Workload: This is a part-time position. We expect to make an offer for between 15 to 30 hours per week. If our courses get an exceptionally high application rate, we might be able to offer additional hours.

A full time role has 25 days per year of paid vacation, accordingly a part time position would have between ~9 to ~19 days of paid vacation per year. 

Contract period: Starting around early March, you'd have a contract for 6 months with a 2 month-long trial period after which your performance will be evaluated. Around month 4-5, we will evaluate your progress again, based on which we can offer you a contract for an additional 6 months.

More about this role:

EA Hungary is currently run by its founder, Gergő Gáspár, and its current Head of Operations, Milán Alexy, as well as a number of committed volunteers. We are looking for an additional person to the team and would be happy to tailor the role towards their strengths, hence the possibility of joining either as an operations or communications person.

Example tasks for the operations role:

- Preparing and running meetups and events

- Coordinating our fellowships (e.g., evaluating applications, sorting people into groups based on their availability, supporting our mentors, booking and preparing venues with food and reading materials, etc.)

Example tasks for the communications role:

- Communicating with our partners via email/calls

- Marketing our programs (e.g., marketing on social media, reaching out to professors and academic dormitories, giving a short "pitch" of our program to university classes, tabling, distributing leaflets, etc.)

- Writing newsletters

- Public speaking (desirable but not essential)

Additional example tasks for both roles:

- Giving career advice

- Facilitating fellowships

- Supporting volunteers

We expect to see some additional overlap between the two roles as our organisation evolves.

An ideal candidate:

- Is passionate about making the world a better place using EA principles

- Has a good understanding of EA concepts (at least equivalent to having done the at-home reading version of the introductory course and the in-depth course)

- Knowledgeable about the main EA cause areas and the organisations working on them

- Has great attention to detail, has good interpersonal skills


More about this role:

You will be working closely with EA Hungary founder Gergő Gáspár and other members of the team. We expect that about 50-60% of your work hours will be "on-site" (either holding sessions or coworking with team members), with the rest of your work hours being possible to do online. The first 2 weeks of onboarding will be 100% in-person.

Location: Budapest, Hungary.

Deadline to apply: 2024. February 12.

Apply here!

With any questions, please write to gergo@eahungary.com

Budapest AI Safety Technical Lead application form early 2024

We are currently looking for a highly motivated individual to join the team of Budapest AI Safety. In this form you can apply for the position. 

Selection process: We expect to have 2 or 3 rounds. First round being this application form. Applicants continuning to the next stage will have one or two additional interviews/work tasks.

Salary: 9-12 USD per hour (pre-tax). For exceptional candidates we might be able to offer a higher rate up to an additional 1-10 USD per hour. 

(Income tax in Hungary for people under 25 is 0%, above is 33%. For students above 25 years old it is 15%, but you will have to double-check this with your accountant.)

Workload: This is a part-time position. We expect to make an offer for between 0.25 FTE to 0.6 FTE, but are unlikely to offer more than 15 hours per week for the first 6 months. If our courses get an exceptionally high application rate, we might be able to offer additional hours.

A full time role has 25 days per year of paid vacation, accordingly a part time position would have between ~6 to ~15 days of paid vacation per year. 

Contract period: Starting around early March, you'd have a contract for 6 months with a 2 month-long trial period after which your performance will be evaluated. Around month 4-5, we will evaluate your progress again, based on which we can offer you a contract for an additional 6 months.

Skills/experience/responsonsibilities for this role:


- Ability to give valuable career advice and help people new to technical AI Safety reseach orient in the field

- Facilitating AGISF

- Supporting volunteers

- Leading student-level research projects

- Contributing to our newsletter section on technical AIS


- Being able to support the post-AGISF part of the AI Safety pipeline by facilitating advanced courses and leading small research projects

- Research experience in Alignment

- Public speaking experience

Depending on the amount of your work hours and the capacity of the rest of the team, you might also be asked to do some operations-related work in a smaller capacity, such as:

- Evaluating applications, sorting people into groups based on their availability, supporting our mentors, booking and preparing venues with food and reading materials, etc.)

- Marketing our programs (eg. marketing on social media, reaching out to professors and academic dormitories, giving a short "pitch" of our program to university classes, tabling, distributing leaflets, etc.)

An ideal candidate:

- Is passionate about AI Safety

- Knowledgeable about the main threat models and technical research agendas within AIS and the organisations working on them

- Has good interpersonal skills

Location: Budapest, Hungary or remote (please read the additional information below

If we are unable to find a suitable candidate we will consider hiring someone fully remote, so feel free to apply for this role even if you are only interested in a remote position. In this case, we will hold onto your application until we have evaluated candidates who are based in Budapest or are willing to move here. If we don't find a suitable candidate we will start processing fully remote applications. If you are only interested in a remote position, for now it's enough if you answer the first 4 questions of this form. If we start evaluating remote candidates, we will notify you to answer the rest of the questions.

More about this role:

You will be working closely with Budapest AI Safety founder Gergő Gáspár and other members of the team. We expect that about 50-60% of your work hours will be "on-site" (either holding sessions or coworking with team members), with the rest of your work hours being possible to do online. The first 2 weeks of onboarding will be 100% in-person.

Deadline to apply: 2024 February 12.

Apply here.

With any questions, please write to gergo@eahungary.com

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