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Share your information in this thread if you are looking for full-time, part-time, or limited project work in EA causes[1]!

We’d like to help people in EA find impactful work, so we’ve set up this thread, and another called Who's hiring? (we did this last in 2022[2]).

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Location/remote: [Current location & whether you're willing to relocate or work remotely]

Availability & type of work: [Note whether you're only available during a particular period, whether you're looking for part-time work, etc...]

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: ___

Email/contact: [you can also suggest that people DM you on the Forum]

Other notes: [Describe your cause area preferences if you have them, expand on the type of role you are looking for, etc... Hiring managers fed back after our last round of threads that they sometimes couldn't tell whether prospective hires would be interested in the roles they were offering.]

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    I phrase it this way to include explicitly EA organisations, as well as organisations which do not call themselves EA, but work on causes with significant support within EA such as farmed animal welfare or AI risk.

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    you can see those threads here: 12

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    TLDR: I'm looking for entry-level communications jobs or writing-heavy roles. My experience is mostly in writing (of different kinds) and tutoring students.

    Skills & background: I write a lot and have some undergraduate research experience and familiarity with legal work. I finished my BA in history in May 2023 (see [my thesis]). I spent two summers as a legal intern at [Place], and have been tutoring for a year now. I also speak Spanish. I helped run my university EA group in 2022-2023. You can see some of my public writing for [our student newspaper] and [on my blog]. 

    Location/remote: I live in Austin, Texas, and am willing to relocate or work remotely.

    Availability & type of work: I can start at any point, and am interested in part-time or full-time paid roles. 

    Resume/CV/LinkedIn: [Link]

    Email/contact: DM me on the Forum. 

    Other notes: I don't have specific cause area preferences (arguments for all the causes often discussed here are compelling to me), although I've been drawn to animal welfare for a while so that's probably more intrinsically motivating to me. 

    Questions: If anyone has suggestions for opportunities I should pursue for career growth (instead of direct impact), I'd be interested in suggestions!

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TLDR. Feel free to check my posts, and see if we can collaborate to contribute to a better world.

Skills & background. I have posted about AI risk skepticism, biorisk skepticism, cause prioritisation, climate risk skepticism, cluelessness, cost-effectiveness analyses, criticism of effective altruist causes, criticism of longtermism and existential risk studies, criticism of work in effective altruism, crucial considerations, distribution of cost-effectiveness, estimation of existential risk, existential risk, Fermi estimates, forecasting, impact assessment, indirect long-term effects, meat-eater problem, nuclear risk skepticism, red teaming, supervolcanoes risk skepticism, and transparency[1]. See my posts for details.

Location/remote. I live in Lisbon, Portugal, and am willing to relocate or work remotely.

Availability & type of work. I can start in 1 month, and am interested in part-time volunteering, and part-time or full-time paid roles. 

Resume/CV/LinkedIn. You are welcome to check my Europass profile (as it stood on 31 January 2024).

Email/contact. Feel free to send me a direct message on the Forum, or message me via LinkedIn.

Other notes. I typically ask for a salary of 20 $/h, which is roughly equal to 2 times the global real GDP per capita. However, I also have to think the work is more cost-effective than writing EA Forum posts, which I guess is where I am spending my time at the margin.


  • Do you have any thoughts on the value (or lack thereof) of my posts?
  • Do you have any ideas for posts you think I would like to write?
  • Are there any opportunities you think would be a good fit for me which are either not listed on 80,000 Hours' job board, or are listed there, but you guess I might be underrating them?
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    I have listed these topics alphabetically.

Hi Vasco! Since you asked- yes I really appreciate your posts. I think link-posting is underused, and you provide a really great example of it. Your original work, like this one, is great as well. Keep posting!

Vasco Grilo🔸
Thanks for the feedback, Toby! PS: I personally think this short comment I am writing now should not be upvoted nor downvoted.

Are you interested in within-climate cruxes?

Vasco Grilo🔸
Thanks for asking, Johannes! I would be curious to know more about the cruxes you have in mind, but I guess I would not have much interest. I suppose your cruxes within climate are about prioritising across interventios with the intention of decreasing emissions, whereas I mainly wonder about whether decreasing CO2eq emissions is good/bad at the margin. My best guess is that it is good, but it is not that resilient. I have argued that more global warming might be good, but I no longer endorse the premises of my analysis. It relied on minimising the existential risk from climate change and the food shocks caused by abrupt sunlight reduction scenarios (e.g. nuclear winter), but I would now say these pose astronomically low extinction risk. As a result, I think it makes more sense to analyse my question about emissions in terms of figuring out the optimum emissions trajectory to improve nearterm welfare or boost nearterm economic growth, as proxied by e.g. global disease burden until and real GDP in 2050. However, I assume I would not add much value here. Those types of questions are much less neglected than the ones I was trying to answer in my original post, and my sense is that there is already scepticism about current climate policies being optimal from these perspective. For example: * David D. Friedman argues against a much higher social cost of CO2eq. * The Copenhagen Consensus Centre (CCC) estimated interventions to mitigate climate change are not that effective to boost economic growth. The prints below have the benefit-to-cost ratios for trade, health and climate change interventions[1]. 1. ^ I do not know whether the differences across areas would be smaller if one compared just top interventions, but a priori I would expect the CCC to provide similarly representative intervention across the various areas they considered.
That's why I specified "inside-climate", yes those considerations you mention are out of scope for stuff I can fund. This is an aside, but I would not trust CCC on climate.
Vasco Grilo🔸
I see; sorry for the misunderstanding. I was thinking that figuring out whether marginal emissions are good/bad would still be "within climate", whereas comparing climate interventions with ones in other areas would be "outside climate". I would be curious to know why. I know there are concerns around the founder, but would be keen to know about specific criticism of CCC's cost-benefit analyses of climate interventions.
4[comment deleted]
2[comment deleted]

I noticed that your 'AI risk scepticism' link didn't work well (maybe it was meant to be a forum tag?)

Vasco Grilo🔸
Thanks! Corrected. It was indeed supposed to be an EA Forum tag.

TLDR: Graduating Stanford economics Ph.D. primarily interested in research or grantmaking work to improve the long-term future or animal welfare.

Skills & background: My job-market details, primarily aimed at economics academia, are on my website. I am an applied microeconomist (meaning empirical work and applied theory), with my research largely falling in political economy (econ + poli sci), public economics (econ of policy impacts), and behavioral/experimental economics.

I have been involved in effective altruism for 10+ years, including having been a Senior Programme Associate at Longview Philanthropy in 2022, Vice Board Chair at Animal Charity Evaluators (board member 2020-present), Global Priorities Fellow with the Global Priorities Institute and the Forethought Foundation (2019-2020), and a Senior Research Analyst at Innovations for Poverty Action and the Northwestern Global Poverty Research Lab (RA 2014-2018).

Some examples of my work:

Persistence in Policy: Evidence from Close Votes

  • This is my economics "job market paper."

AGI Catastrophe and Takeover: Some Reference Class-Based Priors (Forum post)

Does suffering dominate enjoyment in the animal kingdom? An update to welfare biology

I also organized an Economics of Animal Welfare session at the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics.

Location/remote: Flexible. I am currently in the Bay Area but would be happy with other U.S. metropolitan areas and open to the UK as well. I'm happy to be remote but prefer to have somewhere to work around other people.

Availability & type of work: I am looking for a full-time job after I graduate in June 2023. I can potentially start part-time as early as March. I plan to take some time off sometime in the next year.

I will probably decide as to my next step within a month or two.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: LinkedIn; CV

Email/contact: zdgroff@gmail.com

Other notes: The problem area I am most interested in working on is what can be done to improve the long-term future, if anything, beyond extinction risk. My ideal job would probably involve a mix of research and making things happen.

TLDR: Former animal advocacy researcher and programmer looking for part-time or contractor work. 

Skills & background: generalist research, cost-effectiveness estimates, knowledge about animal advocacy, programming. See my EA forum profile for work examples.

Location/remote: I live in London, can work in an office or remotely, somewhat open to relocating

Availability & type of work: part-time or contractor work. Might be open to a full-time job for an exceptionally good fit. Can start whenever. 

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saulius-%C5%A1im%C4%8Dikas-0867b4a6/ 

Email/contact: sauliussimcikas@gmail.com

Other notes: I’m interested in animal welfare or longtermist research and some roles in animal advocacy organisations like corporate campaigns manager. Open to other suggestions too if you think I’d be a good fit. Also, tell me if there are things you think I should research or do and I might try to get funding from elsewhere.

TLDR: Software dev/researcher/datascientist/copywriter looking for EA thoughtwork: research, research communication, grantmaking, data science or similar.

Skills & background: Generalist: ~5 years as a software developer, researcher on an LTFF grant (still working on the project), author of various forum posts on EA thought and practices, worked various editing/copywriting jobs, and I've recently been studying data science with a default plan to move in that direction. I've also done a lot of community work: I've been a trustee of CEEALAR, founded the EA Gather Town and co-founded a proto-EA forum called Felicifia. I've written various posts on most of the above subjects.

Location/remote: Somewhat flexible: I'm resident in the Netherlands, UK citizen, with Singaporean partner, so I'm open to relocating to any of those areas and possibly others (remote is also fine).

Availability & type of work: I prefer full time, but open to part time. 

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sasha-peter-cooper/

Email/contact: Forum DM is the best contact method.

Other notes:  Interested in doing research or work supporting either global health and development or longtermism, or especially at the intersection of the two, especially around general GCR prevention, data-driven longtermism, space governance and advocacy, improving institutional decision making, global prioritisation, EA meta and similar.

Someone -6 karma-ed this, which is pretty hurtful - I'd appreciate it if they could DM me to say why.

TLDR: Generalist with a focus on research and with a background in data science, looking for full-time or part-time work

Skills & background

  • My recent work has centered around research. I’m currently the M&E Lead at Impactful Animal Advocacy. I completed Charity Entrepreneurship’s Research Training Program, where I conducted prioritization and intervention research (focusing on theories of change, evidence reviews, and cost-effectiveness analyses) as well as charity evaluations. I also did a research internship at Healthy Futures (a CE-incubated charity) last summer and completed the MITx course Evaluating Social Programs. You can find some of my research here on the Forum
  • Before that, I spent 2.5 years as a data scientist in two tech start-ups. I also did some pro-bono data analysis work for a few EA charities on the side.
  • I have some operations experience from my work at Healthy Futures and Impactful Animal Advocacy as well as from serving as one of the organizers of EA Austria for the past five years.

Location/remote: I live in Austria (UTC+1) and would prefer to work remotely (I’m willing to travel!). I’m open to relocating within Europe for the right role.

Availability & type of work: I’m primarily interested in full-time roles, but open to part-time and project-based work. I’ll be available from March onwards. I’m most excited about (generalist) research, M&E, and data analyst roles, but also interested in operations and program management. Open to roles that don’t fall into any of these categories if you think I may be a good fit! 

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: See here.

Email/contact: Happy to send you my email or Calendy; just DM me on the Forum.

Other notes: I’m primarily looking for work in global health/development and animal advocacy, although I’m also excited about roles in mental health, climate change, pandemic preparedness, and meta EA.

TLDR: Former diplomat, keen on policy, operational and executive support roles for impactful people/orgs. Especially keen on AI governance. I love to write, too.

Skills & background: I spent four years as an Australian diplomat, and served in the Middle East. I also worked on economic issues in North Asia, and political issues in the Pacific. Prior to that, I was a senior analyst for a major bank, where I gained decent SQL, Tableau, Excel and PowerBI skills. I have a Bachelor of Languages (I speak Indonesian and Persian fluently). I recently completed BlueDot Impact’s AI Safety (Governance) course, and I just started volunteering with the Shrimp Welfare Project as a researcher.

Location/remote: I live in the East Midlands in the UK. I’d prefer to work remotely, but willing to relocate (within the UK) for the right role and salary.

Availability & type of work: I’m looking for full-time paid roles, but would also consider part-time. I can start immediately.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: [Luke Dawes] EA CV

Email/contact: DM me on the Forum, or find my email on my CV.

Other notes: Cause preference is AI governance, but also very interested (no particular order) in suffering risk, the rights of digital minds and animal welfare. 

Questions: If anyone has suggestions for opportunities I should pursue for career growth (instead of direct impact), I'd be interested in suggestions!

Hi Luke! Looks like this role could be a good fit: https://www.forethought.org/ra-exa

Luke Dawes
Hi, MvK, good choice. I'm already preparing an application! Thanks. 

Tl;dr: epidemic and statistical modelling PhD looking for roles in biosecurity, global health, and quantitative generalist roles.

Skills & background: I am about to submit a biostatistics PhD (University of Cambridge, UK), focusing on statistical methods to estimate the incidence of COVID-19 in England and survival analysis. I have experience providing scientific advice to the UK government on the pandemic. Broad Bayesian statistical skillset, as well as skills in engaging critically with literature. View my past posts for less academic samples of my work; I'd especially recommend forecasting accidental pandemics and my high-level takes on biosecurity. Technical work and more details on my personal webpage. Within EA, I am a founding member and now co-leader of the Cambridge Biosecurity working group. I wrote one of the most highly rated pieces in the BlueDot pandemics course. In 2023, I was a top 30 Metaculus forecaster (by peer score).

Location/remote: currently based in Cambridge, UK. Open to remote work and any roles based in UK (no visa required).

Availability & type of work: earliest April, ideally May

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshua-blake-22048b14a/

Email/contact: DM me here

Other notes: I'm interested in a large variety of roles. Anything high-impact and quantitative or infectious disease-related I am likely to be interested in. Examples: researcher at a biosecurity organisation; forecasting-esque roles at any organisation; grantmaking. I'm also interested in hearing from people on specific projects relevant to my interests, even if a permanent role is not available at this time.

Questions: where are we bottlenecked in the biosecurity space? What are the most effective interventions currently?

Update: I joined FAR AI in May!

TLDR: I'm looking for a challenging opportunity in AI Governance, where I can apply my expertise in areas like GDPR implementation and developing technical standards for the AI Act. I’d preferably be doing program management but also open to other areas.

Skills & background: 4y of experience in Project & Program Management and 3y in Data Science. Graduated in Machine Learning, about to get a Masters in AI Governance at the Technical University of Munich. Involved in EA since 2020, actively participating in EA Global and EA Armenia. Board of Directors member at Ashgro. Facilitated the AI Governance track of the AI Safety Fundamentals program.

Location/remote: I can work remotely for the GMT / CET time zones (from Serbia) and open to relocation (e.g., to work in the PT time zone from Argentina).

Availability & type of work: I’m interested in full-time roles but flexible regarding part-time or project-based collaborations.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: my LinkedInmy CV

Email/contact: a.v.gaydashenko[at]gmail.com 

Other notes: Based on the Weighted Factor Model I did for my next career step, I found that I should also consider being a Personal Assistant / Executive Assistant to somebody impactful, so I’d be happy to consider this option as well if we match in AI Safety / AI Policy cause area.

Questions: 1. I'm curious about challenges organizations face in operationalizing AI governance and would appreciate insights or experiences on integrating responsible AI practices effectively. 2. I'm developing a personal theory of change about rising industry standards through leveraging the emerging AI regulations like the AI Act. Although it's not finalized, I’d be happy to discuss it over a quick call. 

You may have seen this already, but Tony Barrett is hiring an AI Standards Development Researcher. https://existence.org/jobs/AI-standards-dev

Anastasiia Gaidashenko
Yep, thanks for sharing! I don't meet the Qualification Criteria, unfortunately: one needs to be based in the US.

Im case you haven't seen it, the EU AI Office has for technology specialists, applications closing tomorrow:


TLDR: High school senior looking for (perhaps gap year) work, volunteering, projects or mentorship.

Skills & background: I've been aware of EA since 2022. In the last six months, I've gotten more involved (ex: went to EAG). My background is in ops/entrepreneurshp (organized hackathons for HS students for 1.5yrs, advertised & fundraised) and software engineering (5yrs of experience with web dev and systems, two internships). I'm also a top Quizbowl (5 yrs, 4th ranked in SoCal) player in my area, meaning that I have experience in learning large amounts of information (history).

Right now, I'm especially interested in digital sentience and interpretability (albeit with no experience in the area).

Location/remote: San Diego, California; I'm willing to relocate.

Availability & type of work: Part time or full time. I could work full-time from now until August, when I start college [1]. I'm open to anything suitable -- paid work, a mentored research project, volunteering, etc.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bolunthompson

Email/contact: Contact me via direct message or at abolunthompson[at]gmail[dot]com

Other notes: If you don't know if I'd be interested, contact me anyways! I'm looking to explore and build general aptitudes (especially research and information security).

  1. I'm most likely going to UCLA, so I can't take a gap year. However, I'm happy to drop out for a promising opportunity. ↩︎

I met Bolun at EAG and can attest that he's a deeply reflective yet action oriented person. I was impressed at his stories of collaborating with his peers to put together two hackathons. I would recommend employers, mentors, or project leaders to connect with him. 

TLDR: AI and moral psychology researcher looking for full-time or contract-based work.

Skills & background: I'm currently running studies on moral judgments of AI at the Uehiro Centre. I'm interested in perceptions of AI and related judgments, such as those of risk (e.g., how different are perceptions of risk from AI to risks from nuclear weapons?), the potential harms from AI misuse (and the variety of misuses that will emerge) and how our moral circle will expand towards digital beings. I have a background in experimental psychology and 3+ years of experience in statistics and experiment design. I also work as an editor, mainly editing research articles and manuscripts for publication.

Location/remote: Oxford, UK (with right to work). Willing to work remotely.

Availability & type of work: I'm looking for part-time, full-time and contract-based work. 

CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kndAvTzTXAUXuOoekmANwYaUoInrYlne/view?usp=sharing

Email/contact: alikhanmaryam6@gmail.com

Other notes:  I'm primarily interested in research and executive assistant roles that require strong use of my research skills and my writing/editing abilities. I have a preference for roles within the AI Safety/Governance and policy space or animal welfare, but I would be interested in generalist or social science research roles for other cause areas. I would also be open to hearing from people working on similar projects to me (see CV) - if you're unsure whether I would be interested in a role, please feel free to reach out!  

TLDR: current undergraduate student looking for work experience in EA (-related) jobs; operations, communications, research

Skills & background: experience in EA community building and operations; volunteering for Shrimp Welfare Project; participant in an Oxford Biosecurity Security Research Project; helping to organise EAGxLondon (admissions marketing, production); interested in research and/or operations and open to any new experience; excellent academic background; stronger involvement with EA since summer 2023

Location/remote: flexible/no strong preference; if in person then preferably in Germany, the UK, or neighbouring countries

Availability & type of work: full-time internship (or volunteering) between mid-May and beginning of September 2024

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KMQNPZKC7CPJUCgJGA6xLf335bJI7bI8/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=102732152920544712596&rtpof=true&sd=true 

Email/contact: elisabeth03rieger@gmail.com; slack; dm on the forum

Other notes: I would like to up-skill, gain valuable experience to make considerate, high-impact career choices, and simultaneously am looking to work for a high-impact org/employer

TLDR: AI governance research, movement building, other AI-related research, research assistant

Skills & background: 

- I currently look into takeaways for AI from nuclear power regulation for Open Philanthropy. You can see my previous resarch on the same topic here

- Before this I was Director of EA Oxford, and before that I co-founded the EA Bristol student group. I've also some a small amount of work for Arb Research as a research assistant, and running the Type3Audio Library.

Location/remote: Currently in Mexico City. From early March I expect to be in Oxford or London and I'm unlikely to want to relocate outside of the UK. I'm very happy with remote, but do prefer to work in-person. 

Availability & type of work: 

- I'm most interested in ad-hoc/short term AI governance research work, though I'm also keen to find a long-term role

- I'm excited about doing other kinds of research or being a research assistant, though mainly in work that will cash out in making transformative go well AI (e.g. AI strategy, policy, digital minds...)

 - And I'm also interested in getting involved in movement building projects, mainly focussed on EA/AI

LinkedIn: here

Email/contact: alejandro[at]eaoxford[dot]com, or DM me on the Forum

Other notes: 

- While I'm most interested in work that will help make transformative AI go well, I'm very open to other Longtermist-flavoured research/policy work

You've probably seen this (or have already applied) but this role seems like a potentially good fit: https://www.forethought.org/ra-exa

Alejandro Ortega
Yep I've applied! Thanks for thinking of it

TLDR: Angie Normandale, Ops generalist looking for a FT role or projects, preferably in AI but open to other cause areas! 

Background: Most recently a regional manager at a marketing tech company. Previously ran a board games startup, public law.

-Studying a part-time remote MSc in Computer Science with AI. 
-Degree in Experimental Psychology from Oxford where I researched and designed neural networks. 
-PRINCE2 Agile & Google qualified project manager 
-2 postgrad law degrees, specialty in public law    

Stuff I've done:
-Made 160 nonprofit partnerships, reached 40,000 people in 6 months 
-Opened new office, hired and trained team, generated 1m in revenue
-Wrote policy, took it to parliament, changed the law 
-Launched products in 30+ countries 
-Secured seed funding, worked with accelerators eg Innovate UK Edge 
-Ran many conferences, events, workshops, training programs etc 

Examples: Research | Marketing strategy | Pitch deck | Event plan | Legal 

Location: Manchester, UK. Open to fully remote, hybrid in London/Oxford. Open to roles with a lot of national and international travel,  relocating to the Bay Area

Contact: CV, Linkedin, email, Book an intro call 

Other : I'd prefer a FT role in an AI-related org, but open to options. If you’re not sure please reach out! 

  • Please do suggest any roles you think I’d be a good fit for! 


TLDR: Innovation strategist, researcher, and writer based in Canada transitioning out of consulting to an EA-aligned opportunity!

Skills & background: 5+ years of project management experience (games, strategy, research, events), 3+ years in mixed methods research in CPG / tech. Part of the Introductory EA course right now. Project Portfolio.

Location/remote: Currently based in Toronto. Looking for full-time work based in Vancouver or remote in July. 

Availability & type of work: Ideally, I'm looking for a project/program management, research, or writing role! I'm available immediately for part-time work, then full-time availability in July. 

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: LinkedIn & Project Portfolio

Email/contact: serena.chao3@gmail.com / https://twitter.com/coriils 

Other notes: I'm interested in capacity-building, educational initiatives, protecting nature, community-building social media & social media research, and third spaces. I'm also interested in building out a formal operations skillset (e.g. hiring, knowledge management, etc.). People-centric initiatives are an easy yes for me!

TLDR: I’m looking for work on the regulatory and best-practices side of AI safety. I live in the world of regulations and international standards as an RA/QA specialist for Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) applications.

Skills & background: I specialize in helping developers of regulated medical software get their products FDA cleared and CE marked for sale in the USA and EU, respectively. The skills for this include being able to understand regulations and standards, leading interactive reviews with regulators and auditors, and establishing and documenting process controls for risk management and quality management across the software development lifecycle and product lifecycle after deployment.

Location/remote: I’m in Los Angeles. I want to work remotely, but I would relocate for the right opportunity.

Availability and type of work: I’m available year-round and I’m open to permanent or project-based work as long as it’s full-time.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jemalyoung/

Email/contact: jemalyoung@gmail.com

Other notes: Although I think there are probably more roles for someone like me in AI governance than anywhere near technical AI safety research, I would prefer to get as close as possible to technical research. I’m also open to working on other causes, especially global catastrophic risks.

Have you seen this? According to the job posting, it's still possible to apply. https://cltc.berkeley.edu/2024/01/16/job-opening-ai-standards-development-researcher/

Also: https://www.aistandardslab.org/
I didn't know about this. Thank you!
I've already applied, but thank you so much for taking the time to point me to it!

TLDR: AI governance; maybe adjacent stuff.

Skills & background: AI governance research; email me for info on my recent work.

Location: flexible.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/zsp/.

Email: zacharysteinperlman at gmail.

Other notes: no college degree.

TLDR: Strategy/Data Analyst with computer science degree looking for data-driven strategy or analysis role. 

Skills & background: The majority of my experience is in business strategy and data analysis. I graduated with a B.S. in computer science and worked with Capital One for just under 3 years where my projects focused around making data-driven business strategy decisions using SQL, Python, and Pandas.  My main skills are in data analysis and presentation, and project management.  I became interested in EA during college and am finally taking the leap the align my personal philosophy with my career, so while I don't have a ton of direct EA experience yet, I am excited to change that!

Location/remote: I am based in Washington, D.C. but I am open to relocating globally or working remotely for the right opportunity.  

Availability & type of work: I am open to part time or temporary work, but full-time is ideal. 

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: LinkedIn 

Email/contact: I'd be happy to set up a meeting or pass along my email, just DM me.

Other notes: All EA related cause areas are of interest to me as my main goal is to maximize my impact, but the main ones I would like to contribute to are (in no particular order): social inequality, global health and poverty reduction, climate change, pandemic preparedness. 

Thanks for reading!

TLDR: plant biologist with genetics and microscopy skills looking for research or science communication positions 

Skills & background: I am fresh out of my Ph.D. in Plant Biology with a focus on using cell walls for bioenergy. My skill set is based around genetics, microscopy, and cell biology with a range of technical lab skills. I also have much experience with mentoring students, and I have focused a lot of my career development on science communication. I host workshops on how to properly communicate science to a variety of audiences and have begun hosting one-on-one meetings to help students and faculty prepare for talks. 

Location/remote: Currently located in Eugene, OR and am looking for a remote position or an in-person position within commuting distance

Availability & type of work: I am available immediately and am open to full-time and part-time positions

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: LinkedIn, CV

Email/contact: duncombesg@gmail.com

Other notes: I am interested in both technical research positions as well as purely science communication positions. I am happy to expand my focus beyond plant biology, especially when it comes to science communication. I am interested in a large range of causes that could benefit from my skillset, and I feel most happy at work when I am working in a more applied field. I have always had a soft spot for animal welfare as well and try to make a difference in this aspect through my personal life at the very least.

TLDR: Educated to MPhil level, I have an interest in Psychology research (especially qualitative or psychometric), but I am also open to any other roles requiring organisation, emotional intelligence, and communication skills

Skills & background: I work for a Youth Charity in a demanding role requiring excellent communication, time management and organisational skills. I have varied youth work experience; both voluntary and paid. I have had two summer internships in a research centre at Cambridge university doing psychometric research. I  have an undergraduate degree in Psychology (BSc), and an MPhil in Psychology and Education from the University of Cambridge, where I conducted research on the impact of COVID-19 on students from lower socioeconomic status households in London.

Location/remote: I am currently in London, however I am happy to relocate for the right role, or work remotely

Availability & type of work: I am looking for a full time role, and I have a one month notice period

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: ___

Email/contact: lisapulimood@hotmail.co.uk mailto:[lisapulimood@hotmail.co.uk or feel free to DM me on the forum

Other notes: I am currently open to any opportunities in high impact organisations, that will make use of my skills and experience. I am also willing to take courses to develop skills that will be of use, such as data analysis

Questions: I am always open to hearing advice about career options, even if you don't currently have roles available


tldr: A mathematics major graduating in May. Looking for next steps, in AI or elsewhere, but unsure of what exactly I want. Happy in general quantitative, policy, or operations roles.

Skills: Strong math background (+familiar with stats). Research skills (in math, AI Safety) including some coding (esp. python) and clear writing (won an outstanding poster at a math conference). Project management at Amazons operations internship; ran painting business for two summers, and finances for independent debate club at my school.

Location/remote: Currently in Philadelphia. Would move for a good opportunity, but prefer East Coast US/Remote

Availability & type of work: I can start in mid to late June (or later). Prefer full time or volunteering

Resume: Resume link. LinkedIn here.

Email/contact: DM me, or message me via LinkedIn. 

Other notes: I have a great deal of uncertainty of what my longer term plan. If you have any suggestions, particularly ones which help answer whether I should return to graduate school at some point.

TLDR: Recent graduate with a B. S. in Psychology and certificate in Computer Science. Looking for opportunities which involve (academic) research, writing, and/or administrative/ops.

Skills & background: ~6 months doing academic research for Polaris Ventures regarding malevolence (dark personality traits). Before this I was a leader of the UW–Madison chapter of EA and President of its chapter of Effective Animal Advocacy. I also have a substack where I write mostly about EA stuff and philosophy. I have experience writing articles for both academic and lay audiences, writing newsletters, and coordinating events.

Here's my substack: https://kennethdiao.substack.com/
I should also have a forum post out soon which will showcase more of my research aptitude

Location/remote: Would prefer remote but willing to relocate. I'm currently based in the Twin Cities, MN.

Availability & type of work: Currently, I am quite available and can start immediately. I am interested primarily in paid part-time (or full-time) opportunities, though I'm also open to volunteering. 

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenneth-diao-292b02168/

Email/contact: kenneth.diao@outlook.com

Other notes: My principal cause areas are animal advocacy and suffering reduction, though I'm also interested in learning more about AI governance. My fuzzy vision for my ultimate role is that it involves doing writing and research which is close enough to the public and policy world to be grounded and have a concrete impact. I'm hoping the next couple of roles are able to help me test my fit and develop aptitudes/capital for reaching that eventual stage.


  • Is it generally effective to go into academia?
    • Am I a good fit for an academic environment?
  • How should timelines (not) impact my decisions?
  • How effective is writing for public audiences?
  • How can I become a researcher who impacts policy (e.g., working at a think tank)? Do I need a policy or law degree?

Thanks everyone!

TLDR: I write meta-analyses on a contract basis, e.g. here, here, and here. If you want to commission a meta-analysis, and get a co-authored paper to boot, I'd love to hear from you. 

Skills & background: I am a nonresident fellow at the Kahneman-Treisman Center at Princeton and an affiliate at the Humane and Sustainable Food Lab at Stanford. Previously I worked at Glo Foundation, Riskified, and Code Ocean.

Location/remote: Brooklyn.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: see here.

Email/contact: setgree at gmail dot com

Other notes: I'm reasonably subject-agnostic, though my expertise is in behavioral science research.


TLDR: Looking to pursue a career in global health with specific interest regarding mitigating the spread of infectious diseases that pose a pandemic potential, health policy, security analysis, and international relations

Skills & background: Currently working as an infectious disease/outbreak epidemiologist. I have an advanced understanding of epidemiologic data analysis and surveillance using R Studio, SAS 9.4, HIV-TRACE, and MicrobeTrace. I have a master's in Biohazardous Threat Agents and Emerging Infectious Diseases from Georgetown University that focused on addressing the gaps in the science of emerging/re-emerging infectious diseases facing the world community as well as identifying the international frameworks already in place to combat biosecurity.

Location/remote: Looking to relocate to Boston, MA in the near future, but open to remote positions

Availability & type of work: Looking for a full-time position where I could start in the next few months

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexis-sullivan-m-s-a6b313181/

Email/contact: alexissullivan0@gmail.com

CAPM-certified project manager, software developer, and process improvement engineer obsessed with building systems, processes, and tools to help teams and organizations thrive. Keen on landing a role in a mid-size startup (100-1000 people) where I can serve as a bridge between technical and non-technical stakeholders within a high-performing, high-integrity team.

Skills & background: 
As a technical generalist who excels in dynamic and innovative environments, I love blending information technology, human-centered design, systems thinking, and compassionate leadership to craft and lead change initiatives that produce lasting positive outcomes. My career journey includes a rich array of roles spanning mid-size startups, non-profits, and small companies, where I've:

  • Led teams of 8 to 31 members, orchestrated major business system migrations, and collaboratively developed systems and processes to foster cross-functional alignment and drive collective progress.
  • Spreadheaded department-wide process improvement projects, developed custom software to streamline manufacturing processes, and leveraged data analysis and visualization tools to elucidate and solve business challenges.
  • Guided product initiatives within a 1,800+ Slack community, spearheaded engaging events and workshops to connect like-minded professionals, and automated complex workflows to optimize organizational efficiency.

In the EA sphere, I have served as a community organizer of EA Philadelphia for the past two years and briefly worked as a contractor for Impactful Animal Advocacy in a product management / tech administration capacity.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (also open to remote)

Availability & type of work: 
Full-time, contract. Available to start immediately. 



Other notes: 
Cause agnostic, but especially interested in institutional decision-making, animal advocacy, and meta-EA.

My work is characterized by the following 3 pillars:

  1. Pluralistic approach - I believe innovation is the offspring of diverse viewpoints. I embrace a collaborative, multifaceted approach to problem-solving and continually seek out insights from a variety of domains to incorporate into my work.
  2. Compassionate leadership - I strive to cultivate high-performing, high-integrity teams where every member feels valued and motivated to do their best work. I care deeply about the impact of information flows, infrastructure, and incentives on organizational effectiveness, team synergy, and individual empowerment, and strive to create environments that promote mutual growth and foster collaborative excellence.
  3. Impact-driven mindset - For me, success is measured by the positive change we create. I prioritize work that is high-leverage, delivering substantial, positive change with minimal cost.

TLDR: Operations specialist (with a generalist mindset) looking to jump from a corporate career into a full-time EA opportunity, either in operational or executive support roles for impactful organizations/people. 

Skills & background: Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, I’ve worked for 15 years in operational roles, from project and process management, business improvement, customer experience and journey mapping, business intelligence, among others. Given my philosophy and international relations background, I love doing policy work, and I’ve worked on policy on and off throughout the years on my own private time. The project I’m most proud to be a part of is Akshar Foundation, a non-profit slowly revolutionizing the education system in India.

Location/remote: Lisbon, Portugal. I’d prefer to work remotely since I can adjust well to almost all time-zones.

Availability & type of work: Full-time work but would also consider part-time or contract work. I can start within a couple of weeks of signing a contract.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-galaz/

Email/contact: Please DM me on LinkedIn.

Other notes: I would like to do work in the area of AI, existential risk, or climate change, but am very flexible, given that my principal focus is to support others have as much impact as possible, as a good operations specialist is supposed to. It is not easy to assure hiring managers how someone that’s worked for 12 years in a large corporate environment can adapt to smaller organizations, but the fact is that if anything, it would be a welcome change having my work have impact on people’s lives, and not just on the shareholders’ bottom line.

Questions: I understand that there is a demand for management and operations specialists to work in EA, but how can someone that like me, who has given over 20,000 hours of his career to the corporate world, contribute to EA work? On another note, at which point do we start discussing civil rights for artificial sentiences?

TLDR: Chartered Accountant and MBA with 6+ years of finance and accounting experience, coupled with 2.5+ years in management consulting. seeking roles in finance or management consulting. Also holds a certification in sustainable finance.

Skills & background: Finance generalist (Extensive experience in management reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting, costing, financial modelling, accounting, auditing, process improvements, project management)  

Location: currently located in Cambridge, MA. Willing to relocate subject to opportunities available for my spouse, open to remote roles.   

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kruti-maru

Email: kruti.maru@gmail.com

Languages known: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, German, Kutchi

Interests: Animal welfare, poverty eradication, philanthropy

Questions: Do you know of any opportunities where I will be a good fit? 

Global Marketing Manager looking for a job in marketing operations, general operations or marketing effectiveness.

Skills & background:
Over the past 10 years, I have accumulated a wealth of marketing expertise and values that I am eager to contribute to EA causes in both B2C and B2B. I have worked closely with multiple causes including Arty Folks, who help people with mental health conditions, aiding in the creation and implementation of their marketing plan for 2022 and 2023.

My leadership experience extends from my roles at Pall and Cytiva (Biotech manufacturing), where I have managed several teams and successfully oversaw the merging of two large businesses. Currently, I mentor over three individuals, fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented team culture. In all my roles, I have contributed to the overall marketing strategy, plan and effectively managed agency relationships, ranging from developers to general marketing and Pay Per Click agencies.


Currently remote living in the uk. Willing to relocate.


Availability & type of work: 
Looking for full time work


Martin Wilde CV.pdf


martinwilde89@hotmail.com or DM me on the forum


Other notes: 
Preference for working in technology, health (physical and mental) animals, mental health, environment, research institutions - however I'm willing to discuss all causes to help make the maximum impact.


I am a faculty member at Plateau State University, Nigeria, operating a charity laboratory focused on phage research for combating antimicrobial resistance. With a Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology, I offer a real-life perspective from resource-limited settings. Seeking a remote or hybrid part-time position in global health, particularly interested in infectious disease mitigation. Ready to start within the next few months.

Skills & Background:

Current faculty at Plateau State University, Nigeria

Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology

Expertise in working in resource-limited settings and rural communities

Location/Remote: Open to remote or hybrid positions

Availability & Type of Work: Seeking part-time position .Available to start in the next few months

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nnaemeka-emmanuel-nnadi-a39298b5/

Email: eennadi@gmail.com

TLDR: I'm looking for researcher roles in AI Alignment, ideally translating technical findings into actionable policy research

Skills & background: I have been an local EA community builder since 2019. I have a PhD in social psychology and wrote my dissertation on social/motivational neuroscience. I also have a BS in computer science and spent two years in industry as a data scientist building predictive models. I'm an experienced data scientist, social scientist, and human behavioral scientist.

Location/remote: Currently located on the West Coast of the USA. Willing to relocate to the Bay area for sufficiently high renumeration, or to Southern California or Seattle for just about any suitable role. Would relocate to just about anywhere including the USA east coast, Australasia, the UK, or China for a highly impactful role.

Availability & type of work: I finish work teaching at the University of Oregon around April, and if I haven't found something by then, will be available again in June. I'm looking for full-time work from there or part time work in impactful roles for an immediate start.


Brief resume

Full academic CV

Email/contact: benjsmith@gmail.com

Other notes: I don't have strong preference for cause areas and would be highly attracted to roles reducing AI existential risk, or improving animal welfare and global health, or our understanding of the long-term future. I suspect my comparative advantage is in research roles (broadly defined) and in data science work; technical summaries for AI governance or Evals work might be a comparative advantage.

I can attest that Ben is an awesome community builder and communicator about EA!

TLDR: Full-stack software engineer (previously at Google and AMF) looking for part-time opportunities.

Skills & background: Expertise in software engineering for backend and frontend development, using a wide range of tech stacks. At AMF, I also worked on many data science tasks: automatic importing and cleaning of data, analyzing geospatial data, database design and optimizations. I have a security mindset and have done PhD research on software testing and hardening. I enjoy working with team members and partner organizations, and have excellent communication skills in English, French, and German.

Location/remote: Munich, Germany. Open for (and experienced in) remote work.

Availability & type of work: Ideally 20h/week. I can offer a lot of flexibility.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://blog.purpureus.net/cv/

Email/contact: Jonas Wagner ltlygwayh@gmail.com

Other notes: I'm particularly interested in work that has a clear and simple theory of change. While I am most experienced in global health and development, I am open to any cause area. I value meaningful work over high pay.

TLDR: 5+ years experience marketing and communication professional with a growing involvement in EA, seeking to leverage my skills in marketing/communication/project management, operations, for impactful work. Recently joined EA Barcelona, considering founding EA Bordeaux.

Skills & background: With 5+ years in marketing and communication across various industries (metaverse/XR, blockchain, media and brand content, space & new space, dental industry), I've developed a strong foundation in creating and managing marketing materials, campaigns, PR & public relations, and content creation. I also founded an (unfortunately discontinued) Media on Green IT. Master's degrees in Digital, Business,Communication and International Entrepreneurship. My recent dive into the EA community has sparked a keen interest in applying these skills towards promoting effective altruism and its causes. Experience in remote work (3 years) and living in several countries (France, China, the Netherlands, Spain, Reunion Island..) has made me adaptable and comfortable in all settings. Bilingual French/English.

Location/remote: Currently in Barcelona (Spain), fully relocatable for the right opportunity. Experienced in remote work and open to contributing to US or UK-based teams.

Availability & type of work: Seeking full-time roles but open to part-time or project-based collaborations. My expertise aligns with roles in marketing/communication, operations, and press relations. Ready to start immediately. I am also open to pro-bono or volunteering at the end of the year.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: [LinkedIn Profile

Email/contact: Please DM me on the Forum for my email/contact details.

Other notes: I’m particularly drawn to causes like AI safety and alignement, health & children health, mental health and screen addictions/ADHD, ethical considerations in digital afterlives, blockchain applications for social good, marine life protection and ocean acidification, water management innovations, wild and farm animals well-being as well as future of food and agriculture. My goal is to use my skills to support projects that have a tangible impact in these areas.

Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciate :)


Hi Thomas! Have you looked at the charities that were incubated by Charity Entrepreneurship (CE)? They have quite some overlap with the things you care about and especially the policy ones might benefit hugely from someone with your expertise! Some are hiring and others are working with volunteers/interns, so this might be a good place to start.

Not yet so I will have a look ! Thank you very much for your help

TLDR: Diverse EA contractor looking for a part-time operations or comms role, remote.

Skills & background: I currently run a local EA group with a grant from OpenPhil as the only paid member. This role includes tasks like organising coworking space and checking our compliance with local charity regulations as well as running events and getting feedback from our members. 

In the past, I've done short-term projects or contractor work for EA organisations. One project I'm particularly proud of was the Tools For Collaborative Truth-Seeking sequence, on which we got feedback that a number of the tools were now being used as part of the regular workflow in some big EA organisations.

Finally, I also work currently as a moderator for the forum, which involves communicating carefully around sensitive topics on a regular basis.

Location/remote: I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and a remote role would be ideal.

Availability & type of work: I'm in the GMT timezone, but am happy to work outside of these hours (though regularly working in e.g. PDT would be a challenge). My ideal role would be around 20h/week, but I'm open to roles with more or fewer hours available.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: LinkedIn

Email/contact: DM me on the forum.

Other notes: I'm open to any operations or comms/outreach role, but have a preference for AI safety or pandemic prevention organisations.

TLDR: I specialize in the intersection of data analysis and organizational strategy and use my passion and skills for numerical work along with my 10+ years of experience in the private sector to translate statistical insights into real-world impact.

Skills & background: I am posting anonymously as I already have EA employment but will disclose all details to interested hiring managers.

My strengths as reported by others are:
-Briar score of 0.131 compared to the crowd median of 0.246
-Proactiveness/self-direction: I need minimal supervision
-Persistency: I will see to it that the job is completed
-Good with people: I enjoy interacting with people and am patient in trying situations
-Attention to detail: My output is of high quality

My experience consists of 10+ years in various roles in the private sector, including supporting CEOs in strategy. Recently, I have had a couple of "EA jobs" where I am still employed. Much more detail can be provided.

Location/remote: Remote and my current location in the EU.

Availability & type of work: The following are the types of work I would like to do:
-Data analysis, forecasting, etc.

-Holding training courses, workshops, etc.

I am keen for the 2 types of work above to be >60% of my work. The reason for looking for a new job is to do more of the work that I truly enjoy - I love data analysis in support of strategy!

AI evals might be an especially good fit for me as suggested to me by seasoned EA advisors.

Available part-time right away and full-time once a successor for my current EA job has been found.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: Will be provided privately - just ask!

Email/contact: Please DM me here and I will provide more details.

Other notes: I am cause neutral, especially as this type of work is so enjoyable to me that I do not need other motivation.

TLDR: Full Stack Javascript Software engineer looking for full-time or part-time opportunities in AI Safety or AI Safety-adjacent projects

Skills & background: I started my self-taught path in web development in 2018. I finished my Engineering Informatics degree in 2020. I've been doing front-end and back-end stuff full-time for different organizations since 2020.
I also speak native Spanish. I'm currently going through the Leveling Up In AI Safety Research engineering guide, finished the Scientific Computing with Python certificate.

Location/remote: I'm based in Venezuela, I can work remotely in either PST/MST/EST time zones.

Availability & type of work: I can start working with 2-4 weeks' notice, and am interested in positions with a 20- 40-hour weekly load.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dewstend/

Email/contact: You can DM me on the Forum, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Other notes: I don't have strict cause area preferences at the moment, although I would like opportunities to learn more about Machine Learning. Besides being interested in different AI Safety agendas, I am also drawn to Global Health and Development, Climate Change, and Global Priorities Research.

A role I could be a great fit for right now: you have features, bugs, projects, and/or ideas that need the help of a frontend or a backend software engineer to help you build and add value to your org. React, Vue, Node.js, Nest.js, Next.js, Python, Django REST Framework, throw it at me and I'll make it work.

A role I'd see as ideal but understand if it's not available: Contains a track for upskilling me as a Machine Learning Engineer and helping you with the software engineering aspects of your data and model flows and pipelines.

TLDR: ex-AWS/Azure Software Engineer (also open to product roles)

Location/remote: Pittsburgh, PA (prefer remote, no visa needed)

Availability & type of work: flexible


Other notes: Cause area interests include global health, animal welfare, government policy, etc. Prefer publicly visible work. Not interested in oncall during sleeping hours

TLDR: Experienced math tutor seeks mentees for HS-level projects

Skills & background:  I have been tutoring math for over 20 years and have a math degree. 

Location: Remote.

Availability & type of work: Part-time, any-time, CET hours or asynchronously.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: translated local profile with referencesLinkedIn.

Email/contact: DM or via LinkedIn.

Other notes: The mentorship can be 1-1 or in a group on Skool, synchronous or asynchronous, long-term or short-term. The students can come up with a topic, or I can guide them to figure out a topic. The projects can be in pure math or potentially interdisciplinary. Mentees do not have to attend high school. If we get stuck, I can get guidance from my relative, a STEM researcher. Think of it as an Extended Essay for non-IB students. Pay would be partially flexible (Pay What You Want basis) with a suggested price. 

Questions: I believe this is relevant for EA as math is the cornerstone of sciences, projects can connect more fields, and self-directedness allows students to explore their interests. 

TLDR: freelance writer and editor interested in (mostly) part-time and contract work. I’m particularly interested in finding more clients for writing coaching (see below). 

Skills & background: I’m a freelance writer and editor: here’s my website and here’s my personal blog. You can also read many of my posts (both personal and collaborative) here on the Forum.

I’ve worked with several EAs and EA-adjacent people, writing or editing blogs, website content, internal organizational documents, podcast transcripts, fiction and more. I’ve also designed an educational module on IFS therapy concepts and worked as a facilitator for the EA Forum. 

Previously, I’ve worked as an ESL and secondary school teacher, and I spent some time pursuing an academic career in Classics (specialising in Greek and Roman philosophy), which also involved working as an instructor and teaching assistant. I think I’m good at teaching and related skills, such as explaining things simply, empathetically listening and responding to people’s problems, thinking of creative solutions, and making plans. I’m actively interested in finding more teaching-adjacent work.

Location/remote: London – most of my work is remote but I’m willing to meet face-to-face in London. I’m not interested in relocating. My working hours are roughly 9.30ish-5.30ish UK time, but I'm happy to work a little later than that sometimes to accommodate people in Pacific Time!

Availability & type of work: I’m mainly interested in contract or part-time work, but would also consider full-time roles if they are an especially good fit. 

I’m interested in offering: 

Writing coaching: I’ve only had a few one-off clients so far for this but I think it went well. Generally, I think I might be a great fit for this because it’s at the intersection of my two skillsets, writing and teaching.

Editing, proofreading, and review: I’m happy to proofread things, offer light or intensive editing, and give feedback on your drafts. In general, I’ll engage with the content of what I’m editing and tell you if something doesn’t make sense or doesn’t land right.

Content writing help: you describe your ideas, and I’ll write them up into a finished draft. 

Debugging, problem-solving, sympathetic listening, and accountability.

I’m starting a series on ideas that have changed people’s lives: the first post is on the Alexander technique. If you’re interested in funding one of these posts, let me know (this will help me to prioritize the project more). 

Here’s a list of questions that I’d be interested to research.

I’m open to work that doesn’t come under any of these headings but that I might be a good fit for: feel free to reach out and ask.  

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amber-ace-4b8a261b1/

Email/contact: Feel free to email me at ambace@gmail.com, DM me on the Forum, or book a short meeting if you’re interested in hiring me or would like to learn more.

TLDR: Mid-career researcher in AI & Law looking to work on AI Safety/X-Risk and Governance projects.

Skills & background: I am a lawyer and researcher with 12 years of industry experience. After several years of practicing as a Human Rights lawyer in Australia, I transitioned to academic research.

I currently work as a research associate with the Sydney University Law School. My work  has primarily focussed on analysing the rising tide of populism within global democracies, examining the impact of Open Banking’s legal frameworks on consumer rights, and critically appraising the moral and ethical underpinnings of constitutional law. These projects have resulted in the delivery of several research papers, lectures and the publication of two academic texts: A Pandemic of Populists (Cambridge University Press, 2022) and Constitutional Public Reason (Oxford University Press, 2023), with a paper on Open Banking forthcoming.

I am also working on an independent research paper examining how universal legal frameworks can support our shared future with AI. The abstract for this paper was recently accepted for presentation at the UCT AI Conference, which will be hosted in South Africa in July 2024.

Location/remote: I am based in Tanzania and would prefer to work remotely.

Availability & type of work: Interested in part-time or contract work, though I might be open to full-time work if it’s an exceptionally good fit. I can start in 1 month

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/poojakhatri2490/

Email/contact: khatripooja.24[at]gmail[dot]com

Other notes: I am also interested in contributing to AI Policy and Diplomacy efforts

TLDR: Recent B.S. Computer Science Graduate. Seeking opportunities. Looking for roles to widen my skillset (for example through a role in operations). Open to roles that build upon my current skill set or that expand my skills in operations or technical writing. Interested in reducing xrisk through technical or policy work on AI or biorisk.

Skills & background: General Math and Programming skills. Participated in John Wentworth's SERIMATS online stream for technical AI alignment in 2023. I know how to use python, pandas, matplotlib and pytorch. I coorganized the local EA group in Karlsruhe from 2022 to 2023. I am fluent in German and English.

Location/remote: Currently based in Germany. Open to both remote work and potential relocation depending on the role.

Availability & type of work: Available to start immediately, looking for full-time positions but open to part-time roles or project-based work as well.


Email/contact: For email, see resume (Feel free to DM me on the Forum as well.)

Skills & background: Recent graduate, some internship experience in research related roles. Current legislative intern at the Animal Welfare Institute.

Location/remote: Currently located in San Diego, California. Willing to relocate.

Availability & type of work: Part time, or full time starting in May.

Contact: DM me here or on my LinkedIn.

Other notes: Interested interested in policy roles, animal welfare roles, GHD, movement building, longtermism and more.

TLDR:  I am an educator and coach interested in FT employment that complements my freelance coaching practice.

Skills & background: I am a people person, a strong communicator, and reliable collaborator. My education and professional background is working with languages, teaching English in half a dozen countries and learning a little of each along the way. I love being even a small part of people's growth journey, though I don't love the spotlight. That's what got me into coaching, starting at a US non-profit coaching company. My coming-to-EA story is found here. Lately I've been serving as EA Virtual Programs facilitator, with largely positive feedback so far. In addition to English as my mother tongue, I speak Spanish fluently, and Turkish at a novice level.

Location/remote: Sooke, BC, Canada, Pacific Time Zone. Interested in remote work, but may consider moving for an exceptional opportunity. Open to travel as needed.

Availability & type of work: Available mid-March for full-time work. I have a couple 1-2 week breaks scheduled in for this year.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: Here's my LinkedIn. Here my coaching website. Here's my Resume (password: howdy) (yes, I'm originally from Texas; no, sorry, I don't have a charming Texas accent)

Email/contact: The best way to find is to DM me via LinkedIn. If you want to cut to the chase, you can book me via this Calendly link.

Other notes: I am mostly cause-neutral but am most fired up by old-skool EA, i.e., GHD, and have pretty solid, recent community building cred. I thrive in ops-type work, especially when my creative side is activated. I like to think that I'm high-integrity, so if you aren't sure if I'd be a good candidate, consider reaching out anyway. I would probably agree, and do my best to help you find someone else!

Questions: I'm helping organize EAGxToronto this year. Want to come?

Elliot has a phenomenally magnetic personality and is consistently positive and uplifting. He's generally a great person to be around. His emotional stamina gives him the ability to uplift the people around him and I think he is a big asset to this community.

Elliot Billingsley
awww shucks

TLDR: Recent MSc graduate in Philosophy and Public Policy seeking roles in AI safety governance, research, writing, or operations. Previously worked in an operations role at Longview Philanthropy.

Skills & background: Skilled at research, writing, analysis, and operations through my academic focus on applied ethics, analytical philosophy, and public policy. Wrote my MSc dissertation on strong longtermism, and focused on the intersection between ethics, policy and emerging technologies. Currently completing a 12-week AI safety fundamentals course (BlueDot Impact). Relevant work experience includes a grants associate role at Longview Philanthropy processing grants, assisting the CEO, and generalist operations work. Proficient in French (C2) and German (B2). Links to past written work available upon request.

Location/remote: London, open to remote work

Availability & type of work: Available immediately for full-time work.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: CV available on request. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joly-scriven-56467a175/

Email/contact: joly.scriven@outlook.com.

Other notes: Particularly interested in entry-level roles in AI governance, broader effective altruism and public policy. Happy to contribute across a broad range of capacities, from research to communications, writing and operations.

Dear reader and forum,
thank you for this opportunity and your time reading this post.

I am looking for a program/project/operations/consulting role in EA, preferably in mental health as I have an MSc in Psychology. But I am open to any EA-related opportunity.

Skills & background: 
I worked in social impact as Chief of Staff and consultant at https://www.baobab-consulting.net/ . I focused on company development, employee well-being, and strategic consulting.
As Co-Director, I worked in a Kenyan NGO and was involved in all processes. I led:
- donor management (reports, communications, proposals)
- operations (internal processes, project and financial planning, community outreach, education programs)
- HR management and initiatives (counseling, hiring process, and employee well-being)

Location/remote: I am currently located in Berlin and plan to move to Mexico in the fall. I prefer a remote position but am willing to move for a great opportunity. 

Availability & type of work: I am looking for a full-time position and can start at any time.


or DM in the forum

Other notes: 
I seek a position that allows my skills to make a change, while I can grow professionally. I am eager to contribute to a driven organization's impact and highly motivated to start a new challenge in my career. I have lived and worked in Kenya and Ghana, which gave me immense perspective and taught me intercultural sensitivity. If you need a letter of recommendation or want to contact any of my former employers, please let me know. 

I am looking forward to a great opportunity and can't wait for your message. 
Thank you!

TLDR: Experienced data analyst with a passion for leveraging technology to drive positive change in global development, health, and migration.

Skills & background: Experienced in data analytics and consultancy with advanced skills in Python, SQL, VBA, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and Power BI. Roles at The Stepstone Group and Capgemini Invent refined my problem-solving abilities, while my commitment to social impact, demonstrated through volunteering at Coram Voice and an interest in effective altruism, drives my desire to make a meaningful difference. Past projects include a thesis on the "Economic Effects of the Qatar Blockade" and data cleaning at the University of Warwick, showcasing my capacity to deliver actionable insights.

Location/remote: I live in London, and am willing to relocate or work remotely. I need to be in the UK in the next year to gain citizenship.

Availability & type of work: I can start at any point, and am interested in part-time or full-time paid roles.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ducmn/

Email/contact: nguyenmanhduc1309@gmail.com

Other notes: I'm even open to volunteering.

Questions: I want to increase my career capital, but I'm unsure what to do?

I need help in finding a remotely job opportunity, I live in North Carolina . I’m 29 years old . If anyone can and will please help me . I’m a stay at home mom with 2 little boys until they start school . Thank you

I have a few ideas:

  1. (some of these jobs are less stable, especially at newer charities) https://www.charityentrepreneurship.com/our-charities You could apply to Charity Entrepreneurship’s charities, and I think it’s easier to get into the newer ones, since they often don't yet have as much of an established workforce as older ones. In addition, there’s going to be a swath of new ones soon, and there is a bunch of n We oner around every 6 months.
  2. If you haven't seen it already, there’s always the 80,000 Hours job board (https://jobs.80000hours.org/?jobPk=9524&utm_source=job-board-alerts).
  3. The EA opportunity board: https://ea-internships.pory.app/
  4. List of EA & EA-adjacent institutions to potentially apply to: https://ea-internships.pory.app/orgs
  5. if you’d like, I can link more specific opportunities - but for that please specify a few requirements (such as a broad salary minimum, general work hours, languages of fluency, and as many as you’d feel comfortable sharing.)

TLDR: I am an evaluation and learning specialist focusing on impact evaluation and evidence synthesis in international development, food security, and nutrition. 

Skills and background: I have a decade of experience in international development and a PhD in nutritional epidemiology. My research focuses in efforts to make improved food security and nutrition outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. I have worked on projects ranging from maternal HIV to land tenure. 

Location/remote: Sorry, I can only do remote work, but I am willing to travel. 

Availability and type of work: I am available to start immediately, but mostly interested in consulting and part-time work. 

Resume / CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlotte-lane-fseb/


Email: clane@foodsecurityevidence.com

Other notes: I recently started a small, independent consulting firm called Food Security Evidence Brokerage. I work to help implementing organizations access or generate the information they need to make effective decisions. If you know of any organization who would be interested in my skills, I would like to connect. 

Hey Charlotte! Welcome to the EA Forum. :) Your skillset and interest in consulting work in GHD seems a near-perfect fit for working with one of the charities incubated by Ambitious Impact. As I understand, they are often for looking for people like you! Some even focus on the same problems you mention (STDs, nutritional deficiencies, etc.).

You can find them here: https://www.charityentrepreneurship.com/our-charities

Charlotte Lane
Hi! Sorry. I only just saw this. Do you think you would be able to facilitate an introduction? A lot of the time getting people's attention can be hard and we are all likely to disregard a cold email. If you are willing, please reach out to me at clane@foodsecurityevidence.com. There are four of your charities in particular that seem like they would be most interesting for me and that I might be interesting for. 

TLDR: Generalist with 2-3 years experience in qualitative research and project delivery. I've worked on 7 different projects in EA-land including cause area mapping for fish welfare in China, an x-risk fellowship, and (kinda) co-founding an EA org. 

Skills & background: 

I think I'm unusually warm, organised, good at appearing traditionally professional, and motivated by those early-stage feelings of latent potential in a project. 

  • General competencies: qualitative research, writing, organisational strategy, ops, partnership-building, collaborating remotely, community-building 
  • Research skills: semi-structured interviews, weighted factor models, ToC, methods in social science (MSc level - focus groups, case studies, causal inference in R), literature reviews
  • Language skills: English C2 (native); B1/B2 Mandarin, Spanish, and French (working proficiency)
  • Cause area knowledge: China and global priorities, farmed animal welfare, global catastrophic risks
  • Currently most excited about: impact evaluation, deliberative democracy/collective intelligence/ participatory methods, data visualisation, becoming an excellent communicator 

Work samples: I ran a citizen's jury on AI, I lead the writing of a scoping report on fish welfare in China, I was part of a team interviewing 15 China-facing academics, I made a 30-minute documentary during my stay at rehabilitation centre for drug addicts in Kunming. 

Location/remote: Preference for remote anywhere and/or positions that could hire me from Taiwan, Spain, USA (Pacific North West), Indonesia, or Southern China. 

Availability & type of work: Preference for full-time, remote anywhere work with an immediate start date. 


Sample CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bNi9kmJRtrw6Ykfscdy1wYnhssO5MTt8/view?usp=sharing 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/islagibson1998/ 

Email: islagibson@tutanota.com 

TLDR: To reduce global wealth inequalities through education, I'm pursuing a mid-senior-level communications position at a non-profit working towards this goal, where I can capitalize on my director-level communications and marketing experience in for-profit organizations.

Skills & background: I'm an economist who works in marketing. My marketing and communications strategies have attracted thousands of customers, helped raise millions in capital, and shaped the competitive edge for approximately fifty US-based companies with a yearly revenue range of $ 1M- $300M. You can find some of my non-profit-centric skills on this deck.

Location/remote: Mexico City. I'm looking for a remote position outside of the US. 

Availability & type of work: Available right now. I'm interested in full-time, part-time, and contract work.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolasforerocommunications/

Email/contact: forero395@gmail.com. You can also DM through the forum.

Other notes (context to my TLDR): In my 6th semester of Economics, I studied with graduate students in leadership positions at regional banks, multinationals, and non-profits. None had the time or income to help as many people as they wanted, maintain a work-life balance, and pursue meaningful side projects. 

The idea of that being the best future even the 1% in Colombia could aspire for haunted me. 

Would I forever eat protein-less breakfasts, not afford healthcare, or work on Saturdays? My grandpa went to the Korean War in 1951 to escape the poverty he and his eight siblings were born into. My dad had to sell books, empanadas, and newspapers to pay for public university. Wasn't the financial burden of a private university supposed to be offset by the promise of a better future?

What about others? What about those who didn't have a mother who nurtured their love of reading or a father who instilled the value of self-education? Or those who grew up with abusive or absent parents who didn't trust and invest in their potential, even when they failed or when they had "better" siblings? Or those whom the gene pool and social environment didn't bless with the same non-cognitive and cognitive skills I have?

I'm devoted to helping individuals in the Global South realize their full potential, even if they weren't born into wealthy, stable, and supportive families.

I've experienced the benefits of above-average literacy and education. My skills have brought millions of eyes to overlooked problems and generated millions in profit for purpose-driven brands. At 23, against all odds, I became part of the richest 1% in the world. This allowed me to enroll in a graduate program in Liberal Arts in the United States, afford healthcare, and ensure that my mother had everything she needed to pass away in the least painful way possible.

While my focus lies on reducing global inequalities through educational interventions, I'm also interested in adjacent problems, such as Global Health, Hunger, and AI alignment (can't reduce inequalities if we all cease to exist).

Questions: I can't ask questions before knowing who I'll ask them to.

TLDR: I'd like to be a congressional staffer for either a Republican or non-partisan staff. I'm open to working on personal staff, committee staff, or leadership staff. 

Skills & background: I've been a gate guard at pools, manager of fireworks stands, and a middle/high school teacher. I have experience with JavaScript, Java, LaTeX, HTML, & CSS (especially JavaScript), and I’ve volunteered for a number of political campaigns. I'm very patient and polite, even with difficult people, and I have a very strong work ethic.

Location/remote: I'm currently located in Bristow, Virginia, which is already pretty close to Washington DC, but I'd be willing to relocate closer to Washington if necessary. I'm open to remote work, but I'd prefer an in-person position.

Availability & type of work: I can start immediately, and I'm interested in either part-time or full-time roles (even unpaid ones, so long as they’re with a congressional staff).

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: TPorterfield_Resume_2024C.docx


Email/contact: just shoot me an email at porterfieldtk6000@gmail.com

Other notes: I'd prefer to work on AI policy, US foreign policy as a means of promoting human rights in foreign countries, and/or biorisk.

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