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We'd like to extend an invitation to you all for a new Slack space that brings together individuals who are passionate about making a meaningful impact for animals. 

Our aim is to:

  • support discussions in the animal advocacy space
  • foster new connections
  • learn from each other
  • generate innovative ideas
  • perhaps even launch new projects. 

It would be great for you to join us today and introduce yourself to the community! We already have some great discussions going. 

Join here.


  1. "But there are already lots of Slack spaces?" - before we started this space, there wasn't a space that was just for animal welfare.
  2. "Who should join?" - 
    • Anyone already working in animal advocacy or adjacent organisation
    • Anyone involved in alt protein
    • Anyone, regardless of experience or place of work, interested in helping animals in an impactful way
    • By animals, we mean farmed animals and wild animals
  3. "How much do I have to participate, could I join and lurk for a bit?"- Sure, you don't need to be active all the time, all we ask is that you introduce yourself and invite anyone you know in the space who may be interested. If you'd like, you can message others or participate in discussions, but no pressure.

If in doubt, please join!

Best wishes,

Sofia and Cameron

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Very excited to see you're doing this! Have added it to the EAA Community Directory Resources now.

Very happy to see this! But for information, the Slack link is expired (if you update it, be careful because it's in multiple places in the article) @SofiaBalderson  @Cameron.K 

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