This just made my day!

Thanks to the team at Pindex for their amazing work on this, as well as The Life You Can Save who also worked with Giving What We Can on this project.

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Congratulations, Luke and the GWWC and TLYCS teams!

I wept. Well presented. Though I think I'd still rarely want to share unless someone had specifically asked.

Thanks for letting me know! I'd really appreciate learning more about the feelings/reasoning behind rarely wanting to share it unless someone specifically asked. Understanding this feeling/reasoning is vital in helping to create more spreadable ideas. Feel free to DM me also 😀 

I think it can come across as quite pushy to say "you should look at this thing which pushes a worldview".

eg I'd much rather provide a useful tool than say "EA is full of useful tools". Or a useful donation opportunity than say "EA is the place you should find your donation opportunities".

So I did end up sharing this video with the following tweet "I care a lot about effective charities. This video gives a good explanation as to why. Also contains lots of random acts of kindness that made me cry".

Tried to frame it as "here's why I do what I do" and then add random acts of kindness as a hook/I literally did cry.\.

Thanks Nathan! This is great to hear! I actually completely agree with that approach and it's the approach that I always encourage people to take 😀  Sharing that you care about something (and explaining why, how it makes you feel etc) is one of the best ways of advocating. It's human, it's authentic, and people in your life like to know what you're interested in and what you care about. I've found that people are really supportive and interested when I take this approach 😀 

We're publishing a new guide to talking about EA/effective giving soon which includes tips like this. Will share it on the Forum when we do 😀 

Woah, cool. Do we know who runs the channel?

It looks like Stephen Fry and his co-founders do:

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