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Upcoming Virtual Programs

July to August - Four virtual programs, consisting of weekly meetings over two months

  • Introductory EA Program - For those new to EA, or who have some familiarity, but want to go through the core ideas
  • In-Depth EA Program - For graduates of the intro program or those with a similar level of experience, who want to dive deeper into EA ideas and examine their key uncertainties about how to best improve the world
  • The Precipice Reading Group - In this reading group, you will read and engage in structured discussions of Toby Ord’s The Precipice, a book about existential risks and safeguarding the future of humanity
  • Alternative Proteins Seminar Programme - Aims to support participants in developing an understanding of alternative protein technologies and their role in solving a range of global problems, and how they can pursue a career in this field

Latest Research and Updates




  • Open Phil have made 12 grants recently with a total value of $16,670,000
    • $10,950,000 - Global Health & Development
    • $1,500,000 - Founders Pledge
    • $1,500,000 - Stanford Existential Risks Initiative
    • $1,430,000 - Farm Animal Welfare
    • $1,180,000 - Potential Risks from Advanced AI
    • $1,000,000 - Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness
    • $100,000 - Criminal Justice Reform
  • The EA Animal Welfare Fund has made 18 grants worth roughly $1,500,000
  • The EA Long-Term Future Fund has made 26 grants worth roughly $1,620,000

Global Development


Animal Welfare


Existential & Catastrophic Risks


Improving Institutions






Emerging Technology


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