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Thanks for those who joined the event! For those who missed it:

Some of the resources shared in the chat:

You can share any follow up questions, resources, or connect with others below.




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Great event. There was some good discussion on donor-advised funds. Would love to share a resource. I work with Charityvest. We are a simple donor-advised fund for anyone. We believe DAFs are great tools to it make it easy to fulfill a commitment to intentional giving.  We're free with no fee for consumers. Here's my plug tax: I'd be willing to send any attendees $20 to start a DAF. Email me at stephen.kump@charityvest.org, and I'll send you a link to a new fund seeded with $20. Thanks for a great event!

There is now a Slack channel for continued discussions about EA and FIRE in the Global EA Discussion Slack. If you'd like to be added, please DM me your email address

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