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The reading list below is based on a reading list originally used for an internal GPI reading group. These reading groups are used as a way of doing an early-stage exploration of new areas that seem promising from an academic global priorities research perspective.  Each topic is often used as the theme for one or two weekly discussions, and in most cases those attending the discussion will have read or skimmed the suggested materials beforehand. 

As I thought that it could be a valuable resource for those interested in academic global priorities research, I’m sharing it here, with permission from the authors. All the credit for the list below goes to them.

Disclaimer: The views presented in the readings suggested below do not necessarily represent views held by me, GPI, or any GPI staff member.


This list aims to explore technological, scientific, and economic progress from an EA perspective. The first two topics make the broad case for promoting progress. Topics 3 and 4 deal with some concerns about progress; namely, whether it promotes wellbeing, and whether it increases existential risks. The last two topics consider some other important questions: the causes of the industrial revolution, and the connection between progress and morality.

1. Foundations

2. Stagnation

3. Progress, Happiness, and Mental Health

4. Progress and X-Risk

PS: some readings in this topic overlap with the growth theory reading list

5. Causes of the Industrial Revolution

6. Progress and Morality





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