With the launch of effectivealtruism.com for William MacAskill's new book 'Doing Good Better', I thought it would be useful to have a second short easy-to-remember URL that points at the forum so I set one up.  




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Are there plans to make that the canonical URL, or otherwise solve the potentially confusing similarity between effective-altruism.com and effectivealtruism.com?

I've considered this. On the upside, there's clearer separation from effectivealtruism.com. On the downside, I'd have to place redirects, we'd downgrade to a .org address and we'd lose some SEO (Posts from the Blog have now been at this address for a couple of years). For those reasons, moving to eaforum.org doesn't feel like a significant forward step to me. What might feel more exciting is combining the various pages into something like book.effectivealtruism.com, blog.effectivealtruism.com, wiki.effectivealtruism.com at a later date... Though I'm sure there's reasonable disagreement here.

Yeah, that makes sense. I like the subdomains idea :)

Yeah, I imagine there's some version on the subdomain option that could work. I'll put this on Kerry Vaughan and Tyler Alterman's radars as they are now managing those domains.

we'd lose some SEO (Posts from the Blog have now been at this address for a couple of years)

This resource says that a 301 redirect (for permanently moved pages) gets you 90+% of your previous link juice. So count me in favor of moving the domain at some point somehow; in my view, having effective-altruism.com, effectivealtruism.org, and effectivealtruism.com be 3 different sites is confusing.

I might pull some or all of https://centreforeffectivealtruism.org/ (plus some of its subsidiaries?) and http://www.thehighimpactnetwork.org/ (if it's still going) and http://effectivealtruismhub.com/ and http://effective-altruism.wikia.com/wiki/Effective_Altruism_Wiki and dotimpact and skillshare.im and http://jobboard.im/ in there too... it's a bit of a shame that our online presence is so fragmented and it would be nice if all these were more discoverable from one another. People have pointed out, correctly in my view, that the movement could stand to be more coordinated in terms of letting each other know what we're working on and this could be an important step in that direction. This would be a pretty big project though, especially if the interfaces got unified. I wonder if we could put them all under effective.org, altruism.org, impact.org, or something cool like that?

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