Does anyone know if this is the most updated statement of GPI’s economics agenda?

“Economics ‘draft agenda’” Anyone know when it was updated?


(Context: I'm looking to explore the links and overlap between GPI and The Unjournal's work and agenda, to inform a possible event.)




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Hi David! GPI is currently in the process of updating the research agenda. The document you link to above is a draft that was posted on the GPI website earlier this month and is likely to be updated again very soon. It is the most recent agenda to be linked on the website, but it is only a draft at this point.

Feel free to email me at, if you have further questions!

Thanks, this is helpful. I'll reach out. Fwiw I've added some public comments on the pdf using (although some of these comments are Unjournal-specific). 

All comments on that hosted page are visible with this search query 

or here, in context if you have the plugin.

Gustav Alexandrie
Thanks – I appreciate it! As I said before, the draft is very much work in progress so I'm sure these comments will be useful.