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80,000 Hours recently published a blog post on the scope of their programmes. They highlight several areas they are not planning on providing services for.

I'd be curious to hear what projects people are planning on working on to get a better sense of how the projects I'm currently working on would fit into what's happening in the community. Hopefully this thread will be useful to others in a similar situation!

You might want to mention:

  • Your group (if relevant)
  • What gap 80K has identified (if they have) that you're filling
  • What your project/research is about
  • What stage you are at
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Animal Advocacy Careers is a new nonprofit focusing on addressing career and talent bottlenecks in the effective animal advocacy community.

Soon, we'll be publishing online "skills profiles", comparable to 80,000 Hours profiles on AI safety policy work and operations. We'll providing one-to-one careers coaching for people interested in maximising their impact for animals through their careers. We'll be running an online course and workshop focusing on integrating 1) EAA research and 2) 80k and EA career considerations into career decision-making. People can express interest in participating in those programmes here.

We're also running training programmes with animal advocacy organisations, focusing on upskilling their staff on areas that are a bit of a bottleneck.

As context, see this post I wrote. In the 80k post that you linked to, 80k wrote: "We don’t intend to create new detailed articles about animal welfare or global health. You can see our old articles on these subjects here and here."

(Vaidehi, I know you already know this, but sharing for the benefit of any other readers!)

Thanks for sharing, it's great to see the full scope of AAC's work. I'm especially excited to see what the workshop looks like and how it goes.

Other projects I've worked on (research upcoming) that address some other gaps not mentioned in this post:

  • Research on the career change process amongst a range of EAs (trying to improve our understanding of the role of motivation, social connections and the current perception of EA community and resources)
  • Research on the best career activities and bottlenecks amongst group organisers and members (to help evaluate the most promising gaps within local groups)

The Effective Environmentalism subcommunity is working to address the following gap:

Online articles - alternative introductions to EA

  • A small working group of EAs is creating introductory resources to Effective Environmentalism for non-EAs, to help bridge the gap between EA and the climate change movement.

The Local Career Advice Network is a group of local organisers working on meta-level career advice research and projects in the EA community.

We are addressing a gap in a lack of support and knowledge for local group organisers who want to help their members pursue high impact career paths. This gap wasn't explicitly identified by 80K, but we think it's important because of the gaps identified in advising and our thinking that group organisers are the best positioned to fill those gaps.

Group organisers are often advising people who fall outside of 80K's target audience including those outside the US/UK, interested in different cause areas, and who are older.

We are directly addressing the following gap identified by 80,000 Hours:

Career advice specific to non-US and non-UK countries & job board

  • We are developing a guide with a group of local organisers from around the world to conduct research to identify the most promising causes within their countries, find promising local jobs and organisations.
  • One possible outcome from this research could be the creation of a jobs board, but we are not certain of this outcome at this stage.
  • We are also more cause-incusive, in large part because different countries have different promising cause areas.

We also help EAs working on similar projects to be connected to others working on such projects, or to existing resources on topics. Please contact me if you have any questions at vaidehiagarwalla [at] gmail dot com.

The first link is broken - it looks like you meant to link to https://bit.ly/LCANproposal

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