This list was created as part of the Local Career Advice Network's efforts to map the EA volunteering & project opportunities space. For other annotated lists and bibliograhies, see here.

Please make suggestions in the google doc, and link to the article, author’s name or username, and a one line summary. You can also add comments to existing resoruces.

General & Guides

A List of Things for People To Do by Chris Leong. This provides a range of suggestions, from individual actions (i.e. specific versions of Earning to Give) to starting projects.

A list of Small Exploration Projects by Richard Batty linked (comment it came from here). Contains links to guides and examples for a number of direct work projects.

A guide on research projects (2020) by Edo Arad from EA Israel. This has some fairly specific suggestions with time estimates.

Notes on getting involved with small EA projects by Aaron Gertler. He also lists a few possible projects

Project Ideas

Meta Projects

Research Projects

Tech/Software Projects

Misc. Project lists



LCAN Annotated Lists

Annotated List of Project Ideas & Volunteering Resources

Annotated List of EA Careers Advice


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Thanks for compiling this - things like this seem plausibly really valuable, and I'm glad to see increasing numbers of this kind of thing! I've directed a few people to this post at various times :)

Just a heads up that I think the "Annotated List of EA Careers Advice" link is broken, and the link should instead be this.

Thanks Michael - glad you found it useful! And thanks for point out the broken link, I've fixed it! :)

I can't comment on the Google Doc version of this post. Can you add Impact CoLabs?