Concrete project lists

by Richard_Batty25th Mar 201751 comments


Get Involved

There are lots of important project ideas in EA that people could work on, and I’d like to encourage people to explore more. When I was looking for projects to work on, I had difficulty thinking of what needed doing apart from obvious projects like raising money for GiveWell-recommended charities. I even had a sense that all the organisations that needed to exist existed, which is obviously not correct.


Fortunately many people have put together project ideas in important cause areas:



This is far from exhaustive, but it’s a start.


However, it’s not clear whether lack of ideas is actually what’s stopping people from working on new projects. So I’d be interested to know:


  • What’s blocking you from working on an altruistic project?

  • Are there resources which the community could provide that would help?

  • Do you have any more project ideas or lists of project ideas to add? - I'll keep this list updated with what I find.


[This came out of this thread on why things don’t get done in the EA community. Thanks to John Maxwell for being a commitment device.]