I’m currently looking for data science jobs and am trying to build my data science portfolio. Do you have project ideas you think are important but don’t have time to implement, that you would be willing to share? Do you know of anyone I might ask? I’m most interested in working with behavioral data, or models/analyses that would improve the functioning of social institutions, but I’m very open to other subjects. Thanks!




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Faunalytics does a lot of research and data oriented writing about animal rights. I'm a student with little to no credentials, yet Faunalytics helped me analyze twelve years of their proprietary polling data on animal rights and write up a post about it. I was very happy with the experience - it's a useful bit of EA-aligned work, a great skills boost for me, and a nice resume item.

If you want to get involved with them, check out their website and email asking to do some volunteer work. They'll probably ask you to do some menial/boring (yet still important) work at first to prove you're serious about following through on your commitment. If you do that well, I'd bet they'd be happy to give you some kind of data project to take care of.

Happy to answer any questions!

Thanks so much! This sounds great. Just sent them a message. Hoping my name will get me further :) (it's Fauna)

I'm not sure if this is the right fit, but the Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED) has a number of GIS data projects you could contribute to.

Thank you! I've sent an inquiry their way.

The suggestions below aren't particularly EA-aligned but might interest you. Note that I am not a data scientist and haven't worked with any of them.

  1. https://www.ideas42.org/ seem to work in your area of interest. I don't know if they would offer projects to work on though.

  2. https://omdena.com/ has interesting data for good projects and can be a good place to build a data science portfolio (my partner volunteers for them and is quite satisfied with the experience).

  3. https://www.drivendata.org/ has data for good challenges that might interest you.

Hope this helps.

Thanks very much! Have made accounts with Omdena and DrivenData.

If anyone is still seeing this post, I consistently have a range of data and projects relevant to this coming out of EA market testing team.

Also, to some extent from other projects, such as the Unjournal.

And I created a new relevant forum tag for these projects and this stuff called 'data and tech projects'.