Task Y: representing EA in your field

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Closely related to the earner to give is the EA ambassador.

The EA ambassador is someone who is ideologically on board with EA. They're also socially involved. However, they are not professionally involved, and most of their professional life is in a completely different field or industry.

As a relatively successful and influential professional, in academia or industry or government or elsewhere, their value is that they implement EA thinking in the execution of their work. In addition, they channel career capital (connections, skills, wisdom) from their field into EA. In addition, they donate a considerable part of their income to core EA organisations. Lastly, their endorsement helps move EA concepts into the overton window of society in general.

Moral drift is prevented by making sure there is a strong social core to EA, so that a lack of professional ties doesn't cut one off entirely.

This is my best answer to task Y. Go forth and climb ladders. Then tie them together.

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