Sunday, August 21, 2 pm EST / 20:00 CET
Zoom link | Facebook event

Join us this Sunday to learn about the work of Epoch and FAR (both launched in the past two months) and BERI. During this virtual event, they will present on their work and answer questions about their current job openings, all of which are remote.

Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative is hiring a Deputy Director. BERI’s mission is to improve human civilization’s long-term prospects for survival and flourishing. They currently support university groups that aim to reduce existential risks. More here on their website.

Epoch was announced this June. They are a new research organization working on investigating trends in Machine Learning and forecasting the development of Transformative Artificial Intelligence. You can see Epoch's open roles here.

Fund for Alignment Research was announced this July. FAR helps AI safety researchers (primarily in academia) pursue high-impact research by hiring contractors. FAR's open roles are listed here.

*If participating orgs and attendees find this event useful, we will replicate it for other organizations in the future.*




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