Save the date for EA Global in August!



We’ve nailed down the dates for this year’s Effective Altruism Summit which we’re now calling Effective Altruism Global. To accommodate the rapid global spread of the EA movement we’ve expanded the event from one gathering of EAs to three - an entire month of effective altruists meeting, reuniting, and cogitating:

-July 31-August 2 in San Francisco Bay at the Googleplex

-August 14-16 in Melbourne (exact location TBA)

-August 28-30 at Oxford University’s Said Business School

Content and participants will differ at each event, so we encourage EAs to attend multiple events if their schedule and budget allows it. Expect more details in the coming weeks.

Since each event only has a few hundred spots for the several thousand in the EA movement and the other groups we’ll be marketing to, we recommend you apply for a spot ASAP here:

p.s. Due to the large number of channels we're posting this announcement in, we're trying to centralize gathering feedback. If you have feedback on the website or our plans for EA Global, please use the feedback link in the footer of the website (if you prefer to remain anonymous) or email