On Monday August 22, the national NPR program 1A will broadcast a live interview with William MacAskill. We would love to include recorded or written messages of people involved with their local EA communities or who have been otherwise drawn to the idea of effective altruism.

Why did you get involved? What appeals to you about effective altruism? How has the philosophy guided you and helped you make an impact?

If you care to share, please send me, 1A producer Avery Kleinman, a sound file of 60 seconds or less by 8 am on Friday August 19. If you prefer, you can also write an email to have our host read on air, or simply reply here. My email address is avery@wamu.org. 

The interview will stream live on Monday at 11 am ET at the1a.org as well as on NPR stations across the country. You can listen to the program and engage with it while it’s happening by sending questions and comments on twitter @1a and by email 1a@wamu.org. 





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Could people please comment when they've done this so that we can all get a sense of if it's worth us doing so?

Hey! Just saying, your "the1a.org" link is broken.

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