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Very good article IMHO. I expect to link to this in the future when introducing people to EA.




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"This notion of effective altruism doesn’t demand that you use all your resources to help others. It doesn’t even say that you should use your other-focused budget of resources to help others as much as possible. 2 Instead, it merely describes an intellectual project (clause i) and a practical project (clause ii) that some people are excited about but most people aren’t. 3"

Considering EA as a project is such a beautiful way to reduce scope creep and the stress that comes with it. It allows us clearly say "this resource in my life will / will not be applied to EA." Thank you for sharing, Aryeh!

This is a good article. I don't think the point on farm animal welfare can possibly be correct though. There are many animal welfare charities and organisations (as well as many commercial players) that while they don't focus on farm animals exclusively or with the same mindset, surely dominate the "farm animal welfare" space. 

In this talk, Leah Edgerton from ACE says:


The combined efforts of Animal Charity Evaluators, Open Philanthropy Project, and the Centre for Effective Altruism’s Animal Welfare Fund influenced about $40 million[25%] in funding within the farmed animal advocacy cause area [in 2018].

Thanks for this! I looked into this further and tweaked the final paragraph of the post and its footnote as a result.

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