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Hello Effective Altruists,

We have an exciting opportunity for those in the EU/EEA region to contribute to the growth of an NGO that aspires to create tangible, positive impact. Do Good Movement is a newly established NGO based in Denmark, and it needs your support to be officially recognized as a charity by the tax authorities in Denmark.

Why is this important?

Gaining recognition as a charity will allow  Do Good Movement to offer tax deductibility for Danish donors. This will incentivize more donations from Denmark toward effective charities.

How can you help?

The Danish tax authorities require us to have a minimum of 300 members to be recognized as a charitable organization. We are reaching out to this compassionate community to rally support and help Do Good Movement cross this crucial threshold.

What do you need to do?

  1. Join the Do Good Movement as a member (60 DKK/year ~8 EUR). Every individual, regardless of your current location in the EU/EEA, counts toward this goal. Become a member here
  2. Spread the word! Encourage friends, colleagues, and like-minded EA enthusiasts within the EU/EEA to join.
  3. Share this message on your social media, local community forums, and wherever you believe there might be individuals eager to make a difference.

Remember, this is more than just helping an NGO get off the ground; it's about catalyzing positive change and expanding the influence of effective altruism. With collective action, we can ensure that Do Good Movement achieves its potential and brings more good into the world.

Together, let's move the needle and Do Good!

Take care, stay safe, do good.
Do Good Movement






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Is the goal to have an international focus? If so could you go more into detail about your vision and plans?

If not then I'm a bit confused about how you're planning on distinguishing yourself from Giveffektivt.dk

If not then I'm a bit confused about how you're planning on distinguishing yourself from Giveffektivt.dk

Whilst I would agree that orgs, like businesses, should have a unique value proposition. I think there's a bias against competition between orgs in EA - which I think your comment is an expression of - and this bias is unhelpful. Competition seems to help all parties achieve a better product and a better service, and in think for this reason should be assumed to be a good as a default.

I'm am all for competition! If their answer is: "We think giveffektivt.dk sucks and we can do way better" and provide compelling reasons I am happy to support that effort.

But when someone wants me to invest in their startup, I want to understand what they will do and why there is a market for that.

Our goal is to expand and have an international focus, not only focus on Denmark. We are also trying to get more people to give to effective charities but we recognize that some donors seek a donor experience where they get a deeper understanding of the impact they are providing, not just by knowing that "this is the most effective impact I can create with my donations". 

We have teamed up with each charity individually and they will consistently create impact stories and updates for our community of donors. Also, they will take part in educational and awareness related activities and help provide engaging content for the donor community.

Lastly, we are working on new ideas of how to scale our donorbase. Typically, this has been done organically and through events, but we are working on integrating to salary platforms so that they can provide automated donations through payslips for their clients and the client's employees.

A note on giveffektivt.dk; since we have started working on DGM, we have been in contact with the team. They have helped us get off the ground from day 1 and we are continuously having dialogues on how we best can help each other.
Our common goal is simple; whether the donations to effective charities go through DGM or giveffektivt.dk is less important.

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