AMA: We are Jon and Kathryn. We work with The Life You Can Save. Ask us anything!

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Hi, all!

We are Jon Behar and Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn, and we work with The Life You Can Save (TLYCS).

The Life You Can Save curates some of the most impactful charities in the world and makes it easy to donate to them. Our mission is to help change the culture of giving in affluent countries, and to increase donations to nonprofits that dramatically improve the lives of people in extreme poverty. The Life You Can Save was founded by Peter Singer to advance the ideas in his 2009 book, The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty. In 2019, our team launched the 10th Anniversary Edition – The Life You Can Save. Since the launch last month, the book has been downloaded over 15,000 times, and The Life You Can Save has acquired almost 10,000 new subscriptions. (You can download a free ebook or audiobook here). We additionally manage The Giving Games Project of The Life You Can Save. Giving Games are experiential philanthropic exercises during which participants learn by doing, giving away real money to charities engaging in critically important work.

Recently, we have been primarily focused on building distribution partnerships to continue to maximize the potential impact of the book launch, reviewing and preparing an Annual Report with impact data on the Giving Games Project, and assisting to run Giving Games at a number of educational and corporate groups.

We will answer questions throughout the week, likely in a block on Thursday and Friday. Looking forward to it and thank you!

EDIT: We are happy to answer questions until Aaron unpins us :) When he does, please just reach out to me (Kathryn) at Thank you ever so much!