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Open Philanthropy, Survival and Flourishing Fund, EA Funds and several other "EA-aligned" grantmakers publish most/all of their grants. But they're kind of hard to search, and it would take a lot of work to assemble a complete picture of all the publicly-available grantmaking that EA Forum users might care about the most. Has anyone done anything like this? I think it would be pretty interesting (and maybe useful!) to have a spreadsheet which automatically pulled in all grants from the top funders we care about.




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[Just to be clear, this was silly of me]

Ok so I made a sheet that will automatically update with OpenPhil and SurvivalAndFlurishing's grants:


  • Each got it's own tab, but I can combine them
  • The link gives edit access. This isn't a serious project, I don't mind if it's ruined
  • I couldn't figure out the ea.funds easily, but I could try some more if it would matter


Credit to xkcd for teaching me everything I know:

Thanks Yonatan, this is great! Glad to see this was so straightforward, I appreciate you putting it together. Misha seems to have taken care of the EA Funds part, at least up to mid-2021, so we're getting close. I'm planning to merge them in one direction or another.

I recently commissioned one for EA Funds, it would be fairly easy to add OP and SFF into it.

Very cool Misha, thanks! Do you plan to keep this updated over time? If so, I think integrating Yonatan's sheet into this Airtable (or visa versa) would already accomplish most of what I was looking for.

Yes, I intend to but like everything, it might rod. What are your other needs here?
(Assuming you mean "rot") As far as specific needs, nothing very specific. Sometimes I wonder how much overlap there is in grantees between the different grantmakers, and having more of them in one table where they can be collectively sorted and filtered would be more useful. I just generally think it's good to have transparency in grantmaking, and a single source that covers >90% of what people might consider "EA grantmaking" is more transparent than asking people to look at several different HTML tables or non-tabular lists.

EA Funders could put their grants on https://www.threesixtygiving.org/ which would make them available to be searched using their search engine: https://grantnav.threesixtygiving.org/ 

It seems to be just UK focussed but there might be an international one. 

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