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Welcome to our April newsletter! This edition contains information about:

  • Our member motivations survey
  • Upcoming events (including World Malaria Day)
  • Ways you can help spread effective giving in your workplace
  • Updates from our community
  • News about our top priority cause areas

What motivates you to give more, and more effectively?

We would really appreciate our members answering a few short questions about their motivations. Their responses will help us select the key messages that we will use to promote our ideas.

Begin Survey

~ 5 minutes, requires Google Account for optional uploads

Help Spread Effective Giving In Your Workplace

Giving What We Can and One for the World are seeking opportunities to talk about effective giving at workplaces. Using a 'lunch and learn' format, we host a one-hour talk to explain how we can assess cost effectiveness across multiple cause areas and charities. So far, we have delivered sessions at Microsoft, Bridgewater, Bain, Facebook, LinkedIn, Accenture and smaller SMEs and have raised over $85k in recurring donations.

If you think your colleagues might like to hear about the amazing opportunities of effective giving, please get in touch! Even in companies we have already contacted, there are always new teams, offices, and territories to explore — so if you'd like to help us bring ever more people into effective giving, please email us and let us know.

Looking for more ways to spread effective giving? Check out our list of advocacy opportunities.

Attend An Online Event

Come along and meet other people who are committed to effectively using their resources to improve the world:

If you have any questions or want to discuss your donation decisions with other members or our team, we recommend registering for an Open Forum event. See all our events.

News & Updates

Giving What We Can

We have recently published a series of new posts on myths, misconceptions, and common question about charity, including:

We will be expanding these to cover more cause areas and other common questions. If you'd like to be part of the effort please email us to let us know.


Donating & Philanthropy

Grantmakers and Evaluators

Cause Areas

Animal Welfare

Climate & Environment

Global Health & Development

Improving Institutions

Long-Term Future, Existential Risks, & Emerging Technologies

Do you have questions about the pledge, Giving What We Can, or effective altruism in general? Check out our FAQ page, or contact us directly.





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