WANBAM: Call for mentors

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Hi! A quick update from the WANBAM (Women and Non-Binary Altruism Mentorship).

Following the Women and Non-Binary people’s meet-up at Effective Altruism Global San Francisco 2019, a number of attendees commented on the potential for a mentorship program specifically targeted at providing additional support to promising newcomers to Effective Altruism who self-identify as women or non-binary.

The program took off faster than we could have expected. We have just completed the initial matches and have 54 mentees and 42 active mentors.

We are still actively seeking people interested in joining as mentors. In particular, we are looking for women and non-binary people who are at least mid-level in impactful career paths and excited to provide support to promising newcomers to EA. We are particularly low on people specializing in cultivated meat, international development, and computer sciences and machine learning.

The form is here.

Any questions please contact eamentorshipprogram@gmail.com. Thanks!

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