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80k is successful and well respected and is a route into EA for many. They are good at producing quality media

Tiktok is a growing social media platform with a young user base.




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I think it would be an odd move for 80K to launch a TikTok before a YouTube or Instagram. But 80K aside, I am very keen to see more high-quality EA video content, on TikTok and YouTube. Isabelle Boemeke's Isodope project (promoting nuclear energy) is an amazing if somewhat sui generis example.

Yeah, I think youtube is higher priority. (And then we can cross-post short video & podcast clips & quotes to instagram as well.)

What would they post on it? I don't think their content would be a good fit for TikTok, and they might need some person with more creative Tiktok skills to get more engagement. It would likely be better if an EA who is good at using TikTok just reference 80K from time to time.

I read on 80K's annual report that they will soon be doing "growth marketing" work, and they probably have a range of ideas on how to get more people to consume their content. I think they're already doing this by having Rob be interviewed on other popular podcasts.

I think one good idea is they could experiment more with releasing recorded videos of their podcasts, and release short, interesting videoclips of it on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Though their current marketing is generally fine too.

If they were to make a new social media account, I'd suggest Instagram first before Tiktok.

I just realized this thread is a couple of years old, but hey, great ideas are timeless, right? The thought of 80,000 Hours running a TikTok account still sounds intriguing. Back when this thread was active, TikTok was already a growing platform with a young user base. While this thread may be old, if 80,000 Hours did decide to explore TikTok, they might want to consider checking out this service. They offer various options, including TikTok accounts for sale, which could provide a solid starting point. Even though this thread is from a while back, the power of TikTok to engage with audiences and share quality content remains relevant.

Yeah Nathan was ahead of the game. Pity it didn't happen!

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