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A list I've accumulated from multiple places, so can't vouch for all of them, and definitely there's no empirical evidence I know of for these improving epistemics, but I wanted to collect the list anyway.

The obvious place to do these is in student groups, but I think limiting them there is a mistake. I think we all can benefit from honing our skills, plus a bunch of these are just fun. If you play board games or do Puzzled Pint with your friends or coworkers, then these can just be part of that part of your life.

Will be editing and adding to this over time - what would you recommend?









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This is a great list! Thanks for making it, I will definitely be sending this to a few people.

Some things to consder adding
* Poker
* Fermi estimate poker (although I haven't played this before)
* Estimathon (requires some setup and I don't know of a good public explainer)

I think that having a decent database of fermi estimate questions would be pretty great, maybe you could make a bounty for this? I have also found it pretty difficult to come up with enough 'good' questions to do for events/personal training. I really like that you made your list of lists public!

Estimathon was really fun! I'm glad I attended.

Thanks! Not sure what fermi estimate poker is, though.

Added a link to some instruction in original comment

Someone brought a game called "Confident?" into the Cambridge office. It's basically a competitive gamification of callibration training.

You are rewarded for having the smallest confidence window of all the players, and penalised if your answer is outside of your confidence window.

Super fun!


The link to Fermi Poker does not seem to be working for me.

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