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Probably Good is a young and growing organization. We’re looking for people who are passionate about helping others achieve a significant positive impact withand want to join as one of our core team members. 

While the roles listed below reflect our major needs, it’s worth keeping in mind that we are fairly flexible in adapting a position to fit someone’s skills and interests. We’re a small team – each wearing many hats and taking up new tasks. As such, we embrace a learning-focused culture where everyone can do their best work.


Why join Probably Good?

We’re a career guidance organization aiming to make impact-centered career guidance more accessible to more people (you can read more about our goals, approach, distinction from 80k, and more in our announcement post). 

This past spring, we brought on our first two employees, effectively doubling our team. After some months of creating new content and strategizing, we’re ready to ramp up. In the coming months, we have some exciting things in store, including:

  • Launching a new website & full rebrand
  • Creating more content and career profiles to reflect a broader range of career paths
  • Completing the final section of our career guide
  • Expanding our outreach and marketing efforts to reach a lot more people

If you’re compelled by our mission and goals, this could be a great opportunity to help shape the future of Probably Good.



We believe that forming an inclusive workplace and a diverse team is not only the right thing to do, but also helps us do better work. The nature of our mission requires us to consider multiple perspectives, which is only possible by making Probably Good an inclusive and welcoming place to work.

To that end, we do our best to:

  • Minimize unnecessary job requirements which would deter capable people from applying. 
  • Work with candidates to try and accommodate different needs – allowing everyone to do their best work and thrive with us.
  • Encourage people with diverse backgrounds to apply. Even if you think that you might not be ‘good enough’ but you’re excited about our mission and want to contribute - please apply and give us a chance to get to know you and how you can help. 

General information about our hiring

  • All of our roles are fully remote, and we welcome candidates from all geographies and timezones.
  • Many of our roles are flexible and we would consider hiring candidates at either a part-time or full-time capacity
  • In most cases, our hiring process includes a several months paid trial period, which we expect to make permanent if the role fits your expectations and you perform well.
  • Qualities that we appreciate across all of our roles are clarity in communication, a deep familiarity with Effective Altruism, and working well in a team.
  • If you’re interested in applying to any of these roles, send an email to jobs@probablygood.org with your CV and references to any previous work relevant to the role you’re applying for.


Current Opportunities

Operations Lead

About the role

Help us improve the processes and workflow of Probably Good. This role will support the whole team by tackling a range of operations tasks – from ensuring payroll runs smoothly to improving our internal systems to assisting with hiring/onboarding new members.

About you

We’re looking for people who want to thrive in organizational and detail-oriented tasks, feel excited to support the efforts of a growing organization, have excellent communication and judgment skills, and can balance multiple tasks at once. Many backgrounds could be applicable to this position, though experience in project management or operations support would be advantageous.

Head of Growth / Growth Manager

 About the role

Help us connect with new audiences and expand our outreach. This role will take the lead on all things growth – whether it’s implementing new marketing initiatives, boosting our SEO and AdWords strategy, or experimenting with new methods of audience engagement. We hope to find someone that’s eager to offer new ideas and help scale our impact.

​About you

We are looking for someone with professional or significant volunteer work in marketing, analytics, outreach, or other related work. Ideally, you’d be excited to explore ways to widen our reach and strategize for continued growth. This position requires some comfort working with analytics, standard SEO / ad tools, and creative exploration of ideas.

Career Advisor 

About the role

Help us provide personalized guidance to more people. The role will include learning Probably Good’s approach to career advising (you can see an early version of this approach here), and will then include one-on-one meetings with promising individuals aiming to maximize the impact of their career.

About you

We’re looking for someone with a deep understanding of Effective Altruism, strong analytical abilities, and great interpersonal skills. This role would greatly benefit from some experience with coaching or mentoring, although it’s not a firm requirement.


Community Manager 

About the role

Help us collaborate and connect with the wider Effective Altruism community. We’re particularly interested in exploring partnerships with local groups and empowering them to support young career professionals in achieving impact given their local context. This role would involve both conceptualizing and implementing such programs, as well as supporting relationships more broadly.

About you

We’re looking for people with experience in community management and engagement, community building, partnerships, or operations – either in a professional context or with significant volunteering. We’d expect a range of backgrounds could contribute to this position, though this role would require a deep familiarity and involvement with the Effective Altruism community. 


Web Developer​

About the role

Help us improve the Probably Good website to include unique and interactive experiences for visitors. This role will involve working with a design agency to implement our new website, and then developing incremental improvements and features. This is a fairly broad role, covering everything from strategic design decision-making to implementation of all design elements throughout the site. 

About you

We’re looking for front-end web developers with at least 3 years of experience. 


Apply Now

To apply, please send an email to jobs@probablygood.org – including your CV and references to any previous work relevant to the role you’re applying for. 


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Is there a deadline for any of these roles?

No specific deadline currently.
I expect it'll be at least 2-3 weeks but it could also be longer than that.


A few questions: 1) Are these part-time, contract, or full-time roles? 2) Would you be able to provide salary or hourly rate ranges? Asking mainly for the Career Advisor role. 

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